Northwood University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The tuition at Northwood is a expensive but feel it is necessary for my education.


The Administrative Building


When every teacher crams big projects/papers/tests in the last week of a term.


There seems to be a majority of students who don't care about getting good grades and really learning the material like I do, so I feel some teachers have gotten into the routine of having those students and therefore make their class really easy. The worst class that I've had in the last one and a half years I've been here, which hasn't been this bad, is that one teacher actually provides open book and note tests for all of her tests. It was for history. My community college history class was way better and inspirational.


The most frustrating thing about Northwood University is the fact that we get out of class for the summer about four weeks after the other schools. This is frustrating because the other students get a head start on looking for summer jobs. Fortunately, Northwood will change from a trimester schedule to a semester schedule in the year 2010 (my senior year).


Being able to save enough to afford a private school. I currently have to take out student loans.

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