Northwood University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I came to Northwood University, I wish I would've known how Conservative of a school it is - It can be difficult at times to have your own views at this school.


That the deer on the campus move in packs!


All the opportunities they have. I knew some but once I got to Northwood there was a lot more than I excpeted, which was a good thing because I was able to find a lot of clubs and groups that I fit into.


I wish i would have known some of the professors better so i would have known who to take.


I wish I had known about the cafeteria hours and the food they serve. The hours for the cafeteria are very slim and the food is not tastey at all.


Take advantage of getting to know your professors.


I found I was a little disappointed with some of the teachers. I try to take all of the honor classes because those teachers seem to be better, but I have found some are still really bad. There are a few really great professors. You really get to connect with them because of small classes and one of my honors professors had my class over to his house for a review session before one of our big exams. Also, I get the impression that many of the good professors get promoted to administration, sacrificing the student's learning opportunities.


How much time commitment is required for varisty sports.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known that they had great individuals who were willing to sit down with me and help me plan my entire school schedule. Not only did they create this schedule, but they went through past courses I had taken, told me what I needed to take and what I didn't. They were more than willing to help me and answer any questions that I had, they were a wonderful help and just what I needed to plan my college education!


get invovled early. people make cliques FAST


Professors attitudes.


I wish I knew more people in the right areas to help me get internships set up and jobs later.

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