Northwood University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing at my school is the teachers and classes that are given.


The size is the best aspect of this school. It is small and everyone is close.


It is not too difficult if you stay focused.


Small class sizes, very laid back atmosphere, one on one atention with your professor, no teacher assisstants, great training in your field of study


I think the best thing about my school is how culturally diverse it is because I've learned a lot about people from around the world.


Our Professors because they will help you outside of class whenever you want to meet. They are very friendly and approachable. They have a fair grading scale and usually have the right amount of class work.


The best thing about Northwood University is the class are small, professors know who you are. Northwood is very big about exploring opportunities, to network and to build great friendship that will last beyond your college years. Student life is big. Northwood's bachelor degree curriculums evolve with the changing business climate. Northwood has many events and many speakers that not only helps you grow as a person but as a leader during your college years and beyond. The staff and professors are committed to making sure a students know and has the right tools so the student can succeed.


I believe the best thing at Northwood University is the amount of career assistance students get to get into jobs once out of college.


That it's a business school. I love coming here and having everybody know all the different business groups that I used to be in, in highschool. It's really nice.


The best thing about Northwood would be the teachers.


All the different people, clubs and other activities on campus. There is always something to do

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