Norwich University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Norwich has very little social life. Mostly work with very little play. They do have a small pub on campus but it is a dry campus overall. If you're caught drinking outside the pub, you will get suspended from the school. If you get drunk at the pub, you'll get suspended if you're seen stumbling outside of the's a catch 22. The most popular athletic events are hockey and football games. We usually lose the football games. The football team usually loses...the hockey team usually wins. The school doesn't allow fraternities or sororities...but the school does have a Corps of Cadets which is, in many ways, similar to a fraternity or sorority. There is no night life. There is no dating scene. There are no clubs. There is one bar about a mile and a half down the road called "The Rustic". It's a nice place, but the locals in there are a little freaky.

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