Norwich University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell most of my friends about Norwich, I brag most about the opportunities I have. The ability to have training to become a disciplined, respectful and strong young person is something not often found today. Norwich teaches you the importane of values such as integrity and honesty and this is something not normally learned at a reuglar state school. Norwich also teaches you great time management skills and how to handle your work load; there is so much to juggle at Norwich, but it is a great experience!


We have a civilian and corp life style. It makes us have to strive to achive because we have a lot of compatition with students who are trying to go into the military. It also helps students from the school become great leaders. Our school has a lot of resources that will help along the way to academic success as well as clubs and sports that will lead the way to being very well rounded.


My school has a very good academic program. The classes are on the tougher side, but I do learn many things that I did not know before. The professors that I have had so far I have absolutely loved. I joined a sorority and dont regret making that decision. Most of the people here are relaly nice.


About how great and supportive Athletics at NU are.


The Military.

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