Norwich University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Nothing to do in tiny littlw remote town, no transportation available


Waking up at five o'clock am.


The pressure.


The worst thing about this school is how it has changed over the years. In the past, Norwich University was a very difficult school to complete especially in the corps of cadets. I believe that they have made the process much easier lowering the exclusive nature of the degree.


The cold...I love snow, but it can drag you down sometimes. You have to b ready for it, and understand the nature of the climate.


Facilities opperations is very slow to clean up snow and there is not a lot of parking space so it is often hard to find a spot to park, especially in the winter.


Its location it terrible, small town with nothing to do. Even the neighboring towns are dull, the best place to go for nightlife is an hour away.


Although academics are said to ALWAYS come first, the leadership in the Corps of Cadets often make that statement untrue. We are told to make sure our academics are taken care of, but we are told to go to so many formations and extra activities involving the Corps of Cadets that sometimes it makes it difficult to do that.


The core of cadets.


Slush and walking to the student parking lot in the slush.

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