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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To my high school self, Do not fret. There are so many things that are unknown and I know that is bothersome to you but you learn along the way. You learn how to handle classwork, sports, extra cirricular activities and a social life well. Although you are unsure of how you will be able to handle it all at this point in time, do not worry, it is a learned technique. Also, the transition will be hard, but do not give up. Even when your patience, and strong will is being tested, do not give up. The challenges you face at college will be some of the hardest you have ever faced in your life but those challenges will mold you to be a great person and leader. It is okay to cry and to feel stressed, but never feel defeated. You will come out on top in the end, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, have fun. Work hard and have fun, you will become an expert at balancing both work and a social life. Don't be afraid to smile and know that everything will work out in the end.


Assuming that I could go bck in time and talk to myself as a high school senior , I will advice myself to work harder in order to be accepted and have a scholarship to a very good and known university like Harvard university or Boston university. In adittion, I will advice myself choose my friend so that I will not be exposed to peer pressure because by doing so, I will focus more on my education instead of going to the movies or partying.


I would emphasize taking more AP classes. Not to be afraid to take on a greater academic load and to look past varsity sports and seek out at least one club or organiztion inviolvement. Most of all be proud of your accompllishments and be confident your future is exciting! Remember you can always change your mind just do the best you can at what you choose.


The most important thing in your life is your family. Your family will always be there for you if you are there for them. Be strong and confident, and go in the direction of your dreams, knowing that your family is there for you always. Think about yourself for once, this is your life and you finally get to make a big choice in it! Never do something because you think you have to, you have to want to do something to be successful at it. Follow your instincts. (You have great instincts!) If you don't feel challenged enough where you are, go somewhere else. No one ever achieves anything without being challenged first. You have to seek out the challenge, and face it head on. So go find your challenge, and take it on with confidence, don't be afriad! Everyone is here supporting you, I promise.


I would go back and tell myself to really appreciate the help that the teachers and peers tried to give you throughout your journey. To really appreciate the classwork, and learn the study habits that should have already been instilled so I wasn't shocked going into college. Also, to learn how to balance both athletics and academics evenly so that I was able to take better advantage of the time I was given so that I wasn't scraping for time at the last seconds of a project or right before a test or exam.


I would tell you high school seniors to enjoy every minute of high school. As a college student looking back I see now that the things that I thought that I would not miss I miss the most. Also be open minded about college. It's not a easy thing but it can be fun. When you have the chance to apply for scholarships, do so. College is not a cheap place to go. When you get to college make sure that you go to class. Another big issue os studing. If you want to pass a class or get a certain grade in a class you have to put some time into that class. Also do your homework. Your teacher can't fail you if you do all of these three things. Make sure you allow your self to get some sleep too. If you don't it can be horrible. The most important thing to college is time magnment. You are now an adult and you will be away from home so no one is there to tell you to do your homework or go to bed. But most importantly have fun.


It has been drilled in you early in life that college is important, your only chance at living a decent life; getting a good job so that you can financially provide for your family. What I wish they had told you, “even with your determination and motivation, you need to refine your focus." To simply pick a major is easy. I believe that is why many bounce back and forth to different majors throughout their college education. But if one hones in on what it is that they truly love about life, the career path will guide you to your major. You don't go to college to find yourself, you attend college to sharpen the tools necessary to implement what you are passionate about in life; your career. Your determination and motivation are evident in your grades and ability to overcome obstacles. When you can sit with an academic adviser and expound on where you see your career 5 years post graduation, then you have chosen your major and are now ready to find the courses that are required to assist you in living the life you love.


I would tell my self to always study hard and to always give 100% effort at all times. that this year would be a challenge and that if I stick with it and always do my best then I will be fine.


I have recieved a great education and a good since of leadership. people are scared to go to military colleges, but I look at it as a great opportunity. My school is preparing me to be a good leader in the United States Military and in the work place,


Well it has given me the oppurtunity to learn more about different aspects of careers that I had never considered. It has broadened my sight of the world, education and cultures of people.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experiances thus far. The leadership qualities that I have learned as well as the self motivation I have achieved since coming to Norwich have made me an all around better person. It is important to realize that college is not easy. There are times when you feel like giving up and going home but the thing we go through on a daily get us ready for the real world. College is the first stepping stone to the rest of your life after high school.


Norwich taught me alot about myself. It was at Norwich that I realized that men and women were beautiful. That while I love the knowledge that being an engineer requires, being a practicing engineer is not for me. That I'd much rather be a teacher of math and physics. While I'll always honor and respect our active duty military, it is not the right lifestyle for me. I met some people that will be life-long friends. Sometimes smart isn't a number. I met some absolutely brillant people who could not pass a physics or math test to save their life. Those people made me realize that it's small victories that matter, and there is no better feeling than you help someone acheive that little goal they set.


Norwich University is geared towards teaching the students the value of leadership and education and how to blend the two together to be a better person. In one year at Norwich University I have learned more about myself that I have in the past 18 years of my life. I learned my strengths and how to use them to best improve yourself. More importantly Norwich has showed me my weaknesses and instead of making them my downfall, made them my focus. By bringing them into focus it allowed me to work on my weaknesses and improve myself. Our school has a unique connection that exists between fellow students and alumni. The greatess thing about Norwich is that you always have family no matter where you are.


I will start trade school at CHI Institue in July of 2010. I hope to learn the skills to exspand my work experience in the Health organization. To better serve people and there needs. So I can become a proficent worker in this line of work.


I have gotten a sense of responsibility and loyalty as well as a strong education. All these are valuable to me because they make me a better and stronger person.


The school that I am currently attending is Triton Community College. Most people would believe that going to a community college would be the equivalent of going to a bigger high school. In some ways it is was, because there are no dorms, the campus is smaller, and you run into lots of people that you went to high school with. Even though the school had some what of a high school enviornment I stilled look at the school like I would any other college. Being at this school made me realize that I was growing up and needed to be more independent. The professors treat you like and adult and do not baby you when you miss a class or an assignment. I learned that in the real world you have to be responsible for yourself. There are always going to peole there to help, like my college professors, but ultimatly it was my responsibility to take put forth major effort to do well in school. Being at this school provided me with the push I needed to become more independent, and the skills I learned will be put to use at the university I choose to finish school.


I have learned to be more responsible and to not procrastinate. I have had to step out of my comfort zone and explore a world that I am unfamilliar with. Making friends and being more social instead of having intravert tendencies. The most valuale aspect of college is growing up and becomming an adult. I have had to do things on my own and step up to become the adult that I was destined to be. Being dropped into a pool of sharks makes you learn quick and learn how to servive and that prepares us for the work force and the world we must enter after college.


I have gotten many things out of my colllege experience thus far. I consder college to a few of the best years of my life. A few of the major things include great education, lasting friendships, memorable experiences, and life lessons. I have enjoyed getting to know not only many of the students on campus, but also all of my professors that I have had so far. Each one of them shows exceptional interest in wanting students to succeed. They have always done whatever they can for me to the best of their ability. Not only do they help with school work, but they also show interest and helping me with things outside of school. They great value in helping students the best they can. It has been so valuable to attend this school because I have learned so much in the past year and a half than I ever have before. One of the areas that I have grown the strongest in is in my faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. This school has brought up spiritually in a way that I cannot describe. I have been blessed to be able to attend this school.


I've gained valuable experiences during my first two years in college; I have learned to accept responsibility for myself and time management the most. As a college student it is no longer my parent?s responsibility to make sure I?m making good grades and attending class; that is my job. And though it has been tempting to sometimes not attend class because I have that freedom I have learned that in order to do my best I need to attend all my classes. Also in college, you get to schedule your own classes and decide how many hours you want to attend. Though classes may start later and students generally don?t have to attend classes as long each day as compared to high school students, time management is just as important if not more important. With the ability to sleep later and attend classes for less time comes the responsibility to use time wisely. Learning to discern how to schedule my class time, work time, homework time, and free time was challenging but a very valuable experience. I have enjoyed my first two years and hope to find the funds for my latter two.


my college experience I have learned many things, especially to be more committed to my future that depends upon it. I would get this scholarship because I have no more aid to complete my studies and my dream is to get my college degree. I have great desire to finish my studies but without aid will not be able to finish.


So far, I have had a very solid experience. college is very exciting and I cant wait to go to a 4 yr college and further my education. it has been valuable because i have learned a lot and i will continue to learn a lot and it will help me be successful in the future.


My college experience has taught me how to take care of myself and grow as an adult. I have gotten life experience as well as a more detailed idea of what life is like after school. I have already learned more than I ever thought possible. College had made me want to learn more and continue learning everywhere. Here I have made lifetime friends and connections. I believe that the networking that I have done here will assist me in my future career. I greatly appreciate the military background of my university. Although, I am not in the military program, I feel that I have learned more about how our country opperates and gained a bigger respect for all those that serve our country.


Knowing what I know now, I would go back and give myself the advice of paying more attention and trying harder in school. Being in highschool is a fun experience, but when you transit to college things change.. Doing the work in high school is a pre start for college. If you don't do your homework in high school then you most likely won't be someone to do your homework in college. If you are someone that goes out and drink all the time, or doesn't pay attention in class, then college is going to be a failur. You will end up going out on weekends, and falling asleep in class. Sleep is one thing that is lacked in college, becuase studying takes up so much of your time. The average class is a study time of three hours a day. That is 15 hours a week multiply that by 5 classes and you have 75 hours of study time a week just for classes. Most of your time will be dedicated to school work, so it would be a good idea to practive that while still in high school. Make your educatuon your number one priority.


As a high school senior I would tell myself to have more fun and let loose. I am not saying do not study. I am simply saying have fun and enjoy being young because entering college is one step closer to the real world with more and more responsibilities. However, you must study hard and develop the study habits that will continue with you in college. Develop a system in which you can balance both your studies, sports and social life. Without all three life can get a little out of hand. You have to study if you want to do well and if you want to continue playing sports in college you must continue to constantly work hard at that as well. But that does not mean that you can not have fun just hanging out with your friends and not worrying about anything. You have to have some relaxation time or else you will drive yourself crazy. Do not stress. You are to young to be stressing. Many experiences will come later in life when you can worry about stressing. Lastly, love yourself for who you are because the only person you need to impress is you.


I would tell myself that I have a long, tough road ahead of me. To stay focused in school and do it with my maximum potentional. Also I would tell myself to take every opportunity that is available to me and if there were not any available to make opportunities myself throught hardwork and determintation. I would tell myself to take advantage of what the school has to offer and become more involved in the school than I am now.


I would say two words to myself- go and do! I would tell myself to go out with friends on Saturday nights, do more with my free time, go to more school events, and do everything I could. I would want myself to enjoy life more, knowing how little free time there is when attending college. I would want myself do something that I enjoy, like painting, more often. I?d tell myself instead of studying all Saturday, go to that football game! Go to prom! Go out with friends more! Go outside and enjoy the sunshine with friends instead of sitting playing video games all day. I did not take full advantage of all the opportunities presented to me in high school, and that?s what I would change. Doing more may have made high school more enjoyable. Going out more, I may have made more friends. Doing all these things may have changed me in ways that would have carried over into college. I may be better off now making friends, going to more social events, doing more ?fun? things if I had done and gone more in high school.


Focus. Pay attention. Decide. Finishing high school should not be your only goal. You need to think beyond graduation and start preparing now. Start thinking of what skills you have and how they can transfer into a career. Start thinking of what skills you do not have and how you can turn them from weaknesses into strengths. You need to have a plan starting now that you can carry with you throughout your college journey. What interests you? What careers can incorporate your interests? What types of jobs are there going to be if you graduate with that major? These are all questions you need to answer before applying to colleges and definitely before choosing a major. The average person changes careers five to seven times within a lifetime and the better prepared you are the more likely you are to succeed. So many people follow their parents paths of graduating high school and heading to college just because it feels like the right thing to do. Maybe taking a year or two off is not such a bad idea if you are really undecided. All I can tell you now is that the more prepared you are the better!


I would tell myself that it is important to always try your best, to be open to new situations, and to always be willing to ask for help. College is a different experience, and you ahve to be willing to open up to a lot of new things and deal with whatever comes your way. Take challenging classes and know that you can't be good at everything. It is important to communicate with the administration and find out about financial aid and registration guidelines well in advance of deadlines because they often don't inform students well. Keep your family close even though you are away, you will learn to appreciate them more when they are not around all the time. Talk to your professors and get help before it's too late. Find things to get involved in, and make a good network of friends that will help you get through. Make the best out of every situation and know that nothing is ever going to be perfect, you have to live with whatever happens.


Do your homework on schools. Don't choose one because a friend is going, or thaqt you think it is a cool place. Set goals in High School, and work to achieve them. Think about a career that fits you, but know that you whole liife isn't based on what you decide at age 18.


You should be proud of yourself, you have come a long way in your education. You should focus on developing a strong study habits and organizing yourself for the next four years. You have chosen a career path that fits you perfect, nursing, helping others. Keep this in mind as you go through the next four years of education because they will be difficult but you can do it. Stay focused and remember to have fun with your learning. Work hard and it will pay off. Go beyond what is required of you to pass your classed because it will pay off further down the road. Yes, the road will be bumpy, long, and may seem imposible sometimes throughout this period but you can overcome anything that you put your mind to. Helping others is a gift that you have and you will reach your goals in life by working hard and breaking things down into small pieces so that you don't feel overwhelmed by it. Life is difficult and is not meant to be easy. I am proud of you and you will see a bright future up ahead. :)


To be prepared for a complete culture shock. I have to train in all sorts of environment conditions. Learn how to do physical training when I'm sick, in cold weather, and exercises when I'm done eating. Definitely break in military boots ahead of time. Go running on hills and rocky terrain. Be prepared for mental and physical stress, and my body to be sore everyday. Learn how to eat really fast. Use a watch, it will my best friend. Learn how to change really fast, in and out different uniforms. Learn how to stay awake and be sleep deprived. Get used to limited external communication, because as a freshmen you only have one phone call a week. Bascially, be prepared for anything out of the ordinary! Even though life as a freshmen is very secluded, challenging, and restricted; just remember everyone else is doing it too, and at the end everything is well worth it ! You end up having friends for life that will have your back for anything, and you end up having great military stories!


Do everything you can. Don't let anyone stop you.


Do not look for a school that is known for partying and drinking. It is really hard to concentrate when there are constant parties. Also, look for a school that has a good alumni network, because in the long run you would always have a back-up plan. Visit the school web sites often and see how many updates in the schools events there are. This would tell you that the school spends quality time in trying to inform all visitors about the events taken place. The last thing to look for in the right college is, of course, the education. Look for a school that offers the major desired and a good internship program.


Advice? Well for starters, I would do a simple college search. With this search type in the information about a school that means the most to you: location, majors, sports, etc. Once you have created a list of school that you seem to be interested it, check them out! Go to their websites, see what they have to offer, compare them with other schools and narrow your list down to three, four, or even five schools. This next step is the most important; VISIT THEM! Call the school up and scheduel an on campus visit, tour, and interview with the head professor of your desired major. Find out what they offer in terms of financial aid, scholarships, extra help, even extra credit. Once you have visited the schools that made you list, choose at least three of them that you realy want to go to, and send them applications. Yes I said three. If you are sending to only one school, whats going to happen if you didn't get accepted and all the other application deadlines have gone by? Once you have been accepted and made the final decision, start networking. Find other students and start making friends!


College is what you make it. When you're looking for a school, look aggressively. Don't think that you can't get to that school just because of the price tag. Most schools give out additional scholarships and grants at the end of your freshman year depending on your GPA. Pick a place that you absolutely love, and can see yourself being happy there. Don't be pressured to go somewhere that you won't be happy at. When you decide where you're going, go there! Don't be afraid if you're going far away from home or that you won't know anyone. That's what college is about. Get involved on campus, playing a sport or joining a club is a great way to meet new people. Try new things. If you need help, ask for it. People will help you if you just go and ask for it. School work above all. You're paying for an education, that should be your main focus. Study groups will help you tremendously. Remember to call home every once and a while, it will keep you sane and let your parents know that you're okay.


save and look for the best package its expensive


Go to diffrent college and see what you want from a college.


dont give up


College visits and overnight stays are the most improtant part of the decision process, get a sense of how the classes are, what the student life is like, and what kind of activities offered on campus. Once you have made your choice organize your class schedule to balance classes evenly through the week, it will make getting all your work done easier. join as many clubs and teams as possible, get involved in everything. Don't be afraid to try something new. To get a good college experience you actually have to go out and experience it. But don't forget that you are there for an education as well.


Make sure you find the right fit. Make sure you can see your self there for a long time, and don't listen to others opinions when going to choose your college, because it is YOUR college choice.


To students looking for the right college: I urge you to fully research the field in which you intend to study, and the program in which you have been accepted. Do not base you decision on the social qualities of the school or on it's location, but solely on the future in which it offers you. College is only a stepping stone in your life and will be over in a few short years. Don't ruin your chance by spending your time developing an over-eccentric social life, for when you leave the school you cannot take it with you, but you can take a diploma.


Make sure you visit more then one college. Apply to as many as you can, and be sure you research the college/university before making the descision to apply there.


You will get what you give from a college experience. If you want to get the party life, you will come away from college with the experience that you wanted. But you won't be competitive for any good jobs after words. If however, you choose a college for its academic programs, or for their reputation for giving a certain type of job afterwords, and you work hard to achieve those goals, you will be competitive for what ever field of work you desire. It is better to be a hard worker, than a lazy smart person. Therefore apply for schools that you know will push you to work hard and give as much as you expect to get out of a college experience.


I believe one of the most important thing to do is visit the school. You need to put yourself in the environment of the student at that school. Also, sit in on a class or two. Shadow a student on thier day to day activities. Speak with Porfessors about the classes.


If you are planning on attending college in the next few years DO IT! Choose a major and stick with it. Businesses are looking for college graduate, master holders, and people that have their PHD's. It all starts with a college education. Have fun and a good time, but remember you are in college to get good grades and get out and make something of yourself in the real world.


Think hard and objectively about your "big-picture" priorities and keep in mind that your classmates can make or break your college experience.


I would have to say: - look for a college that has an amount of people that you are comfortable with - look for a college that is somewhat financially easy to pay for - look for a college that is far enough from your home that you are comfortable to be at - enjoy the time at college but make sure not to get into to much trouble


I highly suggest that the parents and the students are involved in the application process. Make sure that the institution has everything the child would want, otherwise they will be miserable there. Also make sure there are the best financial accomodations as possible so that the school is not able to reel a student in with false promises. Visiting the campus is a must--it may look beautiful in pictures but turn out to be a disaster once the student actually gets there. Once getting settled into a college lifestyle, incorporate things familiar to the student so that they don't get homesick. Make sure to become actively involved in campus activities--you could potentially meet a best friend there! Stay active and don't fall into a sedantary routine because it's easy to become lazy at school. Stick hard to the studies and be sure to get out once in a while to avoid cabin fever or an overload of stress. Stay in contact with your family, but don't communicate too much because you need to start your own life and become responsible for yourself and your happiness!


Look for colleges that have what you want to major in. Vist the campuses and stay overnight to get a feel for the school it self. Do what ever feels right.


Talk to the students who attend, because thy have a very real feel of things and do your research.

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