Norwich University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Financial aid office sucks and there is a lack of communication in the administration.


I I wish I would have known how much work college here would be. Your success is solely your own. Advisors are there to help you when it's convenient to them, professors teach but some professors are learning the course material as you are learning it. Especially for the engineering students. The Corps was a great lifestyle choice, and it's easy to juggle that, schoolwork and a varsity sport. It's a really expensive school for what you put yourself through to succeed here..


I wish that I had known that there would be nothing to do here on the weekends. That when you need something you have to take a 20 minute car ride to wal-mart. That there is nothing in the state of Vermont.


The courses I needed from the start. The money I would need.


How hard it would be, and how to better deal with the situations that occur.


I wish I had known about the difficulty with transfering credits into our out of the school.

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