Notre Dame College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Notre Dame College?


Someone looking for a liberal arts education at a smaller college that is very religously biased toward the Catholic community.


Any Student who is looking for an educational experience that is challenging, personal, reflective, and high quality. Non -traditional students such as myself would find Notre Dame College a great place to complete a degree program while working and or raising a family.


In order to appreciate this school you must like attending a small school in a big city setting.


If you are looking to attend Notre Dame College, you should be an outgoing person, who looks forward to knowing everyone on campus. If you want to be known as a person rather than a number, you will love Notre Dame. The Professors want you to suceed and know you by name, as well as make sure you understand the material. It's a great school with a beatiful campus.


Students that are interested in playing a sport should attend this school. This school has many sport teams that they recruit. Students that are looking for small class sizes and being close to you professor should attend this school. It is outside of the city but still easily accessible for sporting events, concerts, and clubs.