Notre Dame College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Notre Dame College?


Although there is a diverse community, there is a strong lack of acceptence for different lifestyles that disagree with that of the primarily Catholic school.


There seems to be a lack of organization within the administration. Many students are unable to graduate on time and paperwork gets shuffled a lot.


For me whats most frustrating about my school is the lack of people willing to help me find more ways to pay for my education. I am a full time student and working adult and need more help paying for school. I would love for my school to offer more scholarships to working adults continuing their education.


the most frustrating thing about my school is there is barely a music department. there is no where for students with musical abilty to perform. there should be an extra building where performing arts is held. its as if all students there hide their talent or do not have any.


Notre Dame College is very small. If can feel like you are still in high school sometimes. There is one main administration building, but next year there will be three. There also is not very mych to do on the weekends, but if you like planning things, maybe you can help change that!


There are some majors not offered due to size.