Notre Dame of Maryland University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most of my classmates are wealthy and don't understand the meaning of budgets and saving.


Young women engaging in hands on projects, papers, conversations and creating ideas to attain the knowledge and education within the University and outside the University walls, seeking the truth and upon graduation empowering each young woman to go out and transform the world.


Before I describe my classmates I think it is only appropriate to give the reader some prospective of how different my classmates are to myself. I am about twenty-five years older than they are and that alone gives us a different perspective on life and what is important. Beyond the huge age difference, I go to a prominently Catholic college and I am Jewish and that also gives me a different perspective then what they have. However I do think on a whole my classmates are very kind, but not very worldly even for the ages they are.


Chilled and relaxed but knowledgable.


My classmates are largely supportive. I am part of a cohort so we are mostly adult, returning students.


They are all like me, willing to learn and ready to move on and take the next steps in becoming a teacher. We also all transferred from community colleges and are all persuing a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. We can all relate to one another.


My classmates are caring, focused and full of life.




My classmates are individuals who I have come to get to know on a very personal and academic level; we all are able to work together to be successful, which is very nice to see in a college setting.


The yare all willing to help each other learn by providing deep well thought out questions and collaborations to the class discussion.