Notre Dame of Maryland University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school is largely known for it catholic history but also for its great academic standing. Many of the students choose the Education or Pharmaceutical/ Science fields. A lot of the students in these fields are highly focused in their studies and encourage their surrounding friends to perform well in their studies.


College of Notre Dame of Maryland is a school that teachers women to transform the world. Notre Dame stresses the importance of a Catholic faith and engraves a sense of independence within its women. Notre Dame also is known for its generous service to those in need. Because Notre Dame stresses the importance of service, it shapes the women within it to become people who see the importance in helping those in need.


The College of Notre Dame of Maryland is a Private Catholic All Women's Liberal Arts College. There is only about 600 women who live on campus but the college does offer weekend and graduate courses.


My school is best known for the amazing women it produces.