Notre Dame of Maryland University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Don't overload your classes. Take this semester slow and really dig into the classes required.


The University prides itself on a very strong education encompassing high levels of work within and outside the confines of each classroom. Therefore, social events and activities seemed very limited and engaging in these activties at times were difficult due to scheduling conflicts .


I would say that the worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit. I feel as though College of Notre Dame of Maryland could have so much more school spirit if they just put forth the effort to get more involved. As women we need to come together and represent!


There is not much to do on campus. There are very few events that occur on campus. However, I do try my best to attend the few events that are on campus. Being an all-girls school, and living right next to various colleges and universities, one must go to those schools to find activities.


I just finished attending a community college and I am thrilled beyond belief to attend College of Notre Dame of Maryland. I can not say anything bad about the school because from the moment I began to contact admissions about my interest in their college I was treated like royalty. The staff at College of Notre Dame of Maryland has been simply amazing! I went and took a tour of the campus and it was gorgeous. They are a smaller instituion but there, I will learn for life!


One of the down falls about being at an all womans college is that you loss ideas from the men. We don't get the chance to learn from them and they don't get to learn from us. Also being a very small school we may not have as many oppertunities to get involved as a larger campus might have.


The campus food could not be worse; it has been likened to that of prison food, and even then, the prison food would be better.