Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A modern Florida Universiy, with small classrooms and professors who know you by your first name.


The most important aspect of Nova Southeastern University is the class sizes; you are able to communicate with your teacher and they will know who you are on a first-name basis.


NSU has given me the opportunity to achieve my life long dream of becoming a nurse, not just a good nurse but an excellent nurse.


A beautiful campus that is not matched by academic standards.


Academically focused, beautiful, small, and wonderful, except for the cost of the school.


Nova Southeatern Univeristy is perfect for a student with set goals, hence their great programs. The campus is comfortable, cozy, clean, and new, the teachers are great, and everyone on campus, student and staff, are very helpful.


The school is a state of the art, multicultural school.


It is a professional institution.


Nova Southeastern University is a very diverse school, very fair in the number of students allowed in a classroom, and it's a great place to learn.


Nova Southeastern is a young but technologically current university with much to offer students who are really serious about their intellectual advancement, college degree, and future career.


Very involved and hands on.


The education is absolutely phenomenol.


The best way to describe Nova would be to say it's very welcoming, in the sense that as a returning student (after getting married and having children), Nova seemed to welcome me with open arms; giving me a sense of warmth and ease, as opposed to being intimidated.


Nova southeaster is a very diverse school, with wonderful teacher and a big clean campus. The school has great dorms and great food. The school lacks in the student working area but it makes it up i the student bonding activites heald every week.


Nova Southeastern University is an excellent university that can provide students with the education needed to begin his or her career or careers in life.


Nova Southeastern Univeristy is awesome!!!


NSU is a school that teaches you the possibilities in the world are endless, you just need to put your mind to it, and anything you want, you can achieve!




Wonderful, the classes are fun, interactive and hands on, as well as, relevant to current events and todays society.


NSU is a small yet beautiful campuses with small class room sizes and a lot of focuz on expanding.


My school is challenging but rewarding.


This school is what I need to get a great career.


Nova Southeastern is very diverse, and has some great professords in my department, but the social events are very controlled by the administration in teh schools so freedom can be pretty restricted in order to preserve the picture of the University.


A happy medium between academics and social life in a diverse and eclectic community.


NSU is a friendly, open-minded campus with a wide variety of majors available.


Nova Southeastern university is an interesting school that could get a lot larger especially in their undergraduate program if they tried to


NSU is a small private college that has great opportunities for it's students, if the students are willing to look for them.


Eucation, culture, sophistiacation, respectful, helpful, all words that dont apply to Nova Southeastern University


trying to be something it is not


It is very open, yet intimate campus.


Small class sizes, very science oriented, not a lot of on campus parties, but many clubs to go to and things to do outside of campus especially the beach. great teachers and awesome people, one of the most diverse places i have ever been. i love it


My school is absolutely, 100% INCREDIBLE!!! It's such a good school that I can't even describe it in one sentence! The campus is beautiful, modern, and well kept. The teachers and students are, for the most part, incredibly friendly -- people will wait for you to climb the stairs while they hold the door for you! I have never been happier to go to school. The teachers are incredible mentors who are experts in their fields, and they are always eager to answer your questions and impart their knowledge to you.

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