Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are interactive in th classroom, involved on and off campus, and are unique in their own way.


I take online courses and have never technically met my classmates so what I know of them from online profiles seems to tell me they are noce enough.


My classmates are self drivien to achive their dreams and become succesful.


Diversed group of students who are very studious.


My classmates are hardworking and passionate students trying to achieve their goals just like myself.


They are all focused on what it is they want to do.


My classmates are fun and very helpful when you need help.


The students are Nova are intellectual, friendly and outgoing.Many are active and like to explore the are off of the campus as well. It doesn't hurt that the beach is only a few minutes away.


The students at Nova Southeastern University are extremely diverse. Not only do they come from all over the county, but I have met many people from all over the world. This is an incredible experience in itself because you get to learn about other cultures, religions, and viewpoints. This diversity also carries into how students may dress on campus or how they might act. It is important to attend Nova with an open mind and intermix with all different types of people, because this is also a way to become more educated. Primarily, each student is there to learn, and the campus is one in which is more of a community than a school. Professors encourage students to get to know each other and voice their opinions, but also make sure they do so in an intelligent and unbiased manner. From my experience at Nova, it seems that no matter what race, religion or political thoughts one might have, by the end of one semester you have made friends with the majority of your class which carries on into the breaks. Many students have dinner together after class and often become friends for life.


NSU is one of the most diverse schools I have ever attended. We have students from all walks of life. If you can name the religions, ethnicities, races, cultures, I am sure we have them. No one can ever feel out of place here. There are a number of religious organizations on campus. Students dress very casually at NSU. Many wear shorts, slippers, t-shirts, jeans, sneakers. Financially, students vary. Many are able to get scholarships from a variety of sources, many work to pay for tuition and very many tuition are paid by parents. I would say that students are very politically aware of things going on. The majority of the school are Republicans, but not to say there are not Democrats and Independents..


My classmates are the type of people who incorperate alot of time, hard work, and dedication in their homework and studies, especially since the courses we are taking are upper-division biology/pre-med courses.


Kind, diverse, academically focused, sure of their future, and usually upper class.


Classmates at Nova Southeastern Univeristy tend to be involved, well-spoken, and easy to talk to. Everyone on campus is very nice, and helps one another out with the goal of creating and care-free and uplifting environment!


My classmates are very interesting, friendly and willing to help each other out.


My classmates are driven, hardworking, fun, most are good with balancing social life, school work, and extra activities along with other responsibilities.


My classmates are twenty to thirty individuals all looking to better themselves and build their careers.


I sit among engineers, politicials, physicians, historians, and artists in the making itching with the desire to learn and create, who are keenly determined, kind and self-aware, feeling my own career path fortified by my peers' unwavering spirits, all fiercely devoted to our responsibility to improve the human condition long after our days at Nova Southeastern University are long gone; taking on every class, every stepping stone toward their careers, passionately with the knowledge that they are the future shakers and movers of modern society.


My classmates are very determined and strong individuals, admiring to be a nurse.


My classmates are funny, crazy, enthusiastic all at the same time determined to learn about the future of technology and later on be apart of the technology advancement.


Culturally diverse, competative and focused.


Caring, compassionate, out to make a difference in the world.






My classmates are very diverse.


I do alot of my classes online but most of the time my classmates are very helpful and are always there when you need a question answered


My new best friends; they are the best!


They are high spirited, hardworking, and easy to get along with.


They all have the same things that i have to say about the professers but htey really can't tell it to hte professers becasue they want to get in to good side of the professers by exposing their classmates.


Focused, be it on schoolwork or on parties.


My classmates are very friendly, outgoing and they have a willingness to learn.


They are very optimistic and responsible in taking the time to complete all research papers. My classmates has a drive and the determination to achieve their goals.

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