Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


best health professions and research.


Their development in research in marine biology.


It is best known for the different graduate schools it has. Some of them are: law school, business school, medical school, dental school, psychology school, optometry school, pharmacy school, physician's assistant school, radiology programs, nursing school, physical and occupational therapy schools.


The fact that it is private is one of the best known tibits about NSU. However, to me the fact that it has so many pre-med and biology students is a big plus. Also, there is such a diversity there that even if you feel as if you won't fit in, you end up finding a place there. It's definitely known for helping you become who you are because for me that's exactly what it did.


Academics, they have several sports teams, but it is a private university and it is best known for the books.


Its best known for everthing!!!!!


Nova Southeastern University may be known for the excellent reputation of its graduate school programs and/or having the biggest library in the state of Florida on its campus.


My school is best known for an expensive private school


my school is best known for its multifaceted and traditional ways


My school best known for its Huizenga Business School which is the reason why I chose this school other than going to any major university. Plaus due to the amount of students, there is a chance to have valuable one on one time with your professors.


Best known for it's competative programs, especially Medicine, Business and Legal fields, in addition to it's small class sizes and ideal location.


My strong guess is that Nova is very well known because of their medical field. On top of this, my school offers free clinical assistance to the most needed people. The school always offer free of charge free check-ups in the dentist and medical fields. Also, in the security field they are very strong. The Davie police dept. and the school guards are 24/7 on duty.


Their medical school, law school, and their business school. They are also best known for their private school status.


Great Psychology and Biology degree programs.


Nova is well known for a great school of dentistry, business, dentistry, and the arts. The school has a partnership with the Museum of Art. They also have a health professions building on campus that services the community at a low cost.


It is best known for its graduate programs, especially the dental and optometry schools.


I think the program of focus tends to be pre-med students. However, they are known for their diversity and small classes


Best known for campus, and its business and health divisions.


My school is best kown for the small class sizes and the gorgeous campus. The professors really want to help every student succeed. The small class sizes help build a personal relationship with ones professor which opens up a communication between the two. If the professor can't help, there is always the tutoring center. At the tutoring center student's have full access to a full staff waiting to help and are will do what they can to ensure the student passes and understands.


Small class sizes and good professors.


It is best known for business.


The school is known for being a good business and education school as well as having schedules that allow working adults to further their education.

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