Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

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The most unique thing about NSU is the biology program. It is recognized as being on of the best in the state of Florida, and the staff in the program are some of the best in the field.


My school is unique because the school was originally a graduate school and the undergraduate program was added about 60 years ago. This creates great opportunities for those wanting to go to graduate school to learn from graduate students themselves. I personally and a Chemistry major and because of the graduate programs here I was able shadow medical students through the Clinical Exploration Program. This program allows the undergraduate students to shadow students in the medical school, the dental school, as well as many others.


My school is unique because of small class sizes, beautiful campus, and because each dorm has its own bathroom.


My school is unique because it has small class sizes and is a very friendly enviornment where it is their goal to help you succeed.


Once you pay your full tuition bill and books, that is usually all you will have to pay. There are so many perks to attending Nova. There is a state of the Art Fitness Center, several resturants and venues. They pretty much have it where you hardly ever have to leave the campus for anything. It is also home of the training facility of the Miami Dolphins, how cool is that? They have small class sizes so that you have more one on one with the instructors and not just a number in a class.


The unique thing about my school although its a praivate university as long as you have all the required classes for the program it is not hard to get into the program.


The location is great and the class sizes were small enough for students to get to know each other as well as their professors.


There is no anomie. It is a community of caring, diverse individuals seeking a common goal: an exceptional education in the midst of a rewarding experience. Academic jargon aside, professors have backgrounds in what they teach, students are encouraged to take myriad classes outside of their comfort levels, all with incredible support. I have created my own journalism portfolio, a marketing plan, and have studied two languages all in one semester with fervor and great satisfation. NSU instills vitality, a thirst for the unique, along with an eye for the inconspicuous in the world in every student that passes through.


National ranking for many of its programs. Good name, well established and many resources.


What makes my school unique is the fact that it is private and does not have an overload pack of student, therefore that makes it desireable to me above other school. Also i can learn quicker and get more one on one help from the teachers due to the fact that the classrooms are not so overwhelmed with students.




Nova is a very unique universitty. The students and faculty are very friendlyand helpful.. The University focuses on both academics and sports. It is a good place for a student to learn how to prepare for the real world.


The classrooms have a small amount of students and professors are always available to help students. Professors get to know their students and they are willing to work with them on research projects. They are also available to assist with class assignments and they are willing to write letters of recommendation. The students and professors get to know eachother on a personal level.


private, many career opportunities


Small class sizes. Great location. Not as expensive as I initially thought. Very resourceful. Great library and fitness facilities.


Personalized, friendly and caring people that truly want success for their students.


The classroom sizes are smaller and the professors are close to the students


It is unique from all the other schools in my eyes because it is where I fit. It feels like a diverse family thet cares about education and the future. It is also a very comfortable and friendly environment. It is not too big and not too small. I love it there!


The class size is small so you get the chance to learn much more from the small setting and the professors.

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