Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk to my friends back home about my school I tend to talk about how great my teachers are and how they are willing to help anytime you need it. This is something I pride my school in because some schools have lecture halls with 100 students and sometimes more! All of my classes had no more than 25 students. This helps also with in class diccussions and interaction with the teacher and fellow students.


I attended NSU for a semester and am in hopes of going back to pursue my dreams. I currently am unable to pay off my balance and am finding ways to do so. Nova is a great school for biology majors especially. I had teachers who understood and you could relate to on many levels. I also had a job in which I feel in love with. Florida is a great place to study, and I truly plan on going back as soon as I can.


What I brag most about NSU is that they have one of the best nursing programs available. The faculty, staff and students are very nice and helpful. It seems that everyone is always willing to help you out.


I brag the competive atmosphere of learning within the institution.


I tell them here you are able to get involved, easily, creat your own organization and the Deans and faculty know you by your name, I was able to get a letter of recommendation by the Dean of student affair.


They treat athletes like they are royalty. We get priority class picking. As well as that we also get free equipment. We all get scholarships and do not have to pay for anything out of our pocket. Professors also work with us to help keep our grades up


I had a handful of really great professors.


I brag to my friends that this school has a beautiful campus and very complex gym. The gym on campus is full of excersise equiptment and has a full time schedule during the week for work out classes. There is a large availability for personal trainors and they provide tips for dieting as well. Another feature I brag about to my friends about this school is the location. Downtown Fort Lauderdale is only 10 minutes away and the beach is nearly minutes from campus. The dorm rooms are big and even provide personal bathrooms.


I can honestly say that I pesonally don't brag about my attendance to college. Bragging just simply say that I am better than everyone else, so I don't tried to brag about it, but I do brag in my own head that I can acheive anything that I can simply put my mind and tried to accomplished as much as I can.


I just transfered from a public university to a private and see a complete difference. The classes are small and the professors seem very hands on in their teaching. I feel like I've learned more in a few classes than I did in a few years!


When I talk to my friends regarsing my school, I always remind them the importance of having smaller size classes. They bring priceless benefits. As a matter of fact, getting to know your professors so much closer to the point where they are able to identify your interests and even approach you to do further research with them. Another great aspect of smaller classes, is the more attention that your receive and the individualized assistance from the professor. A student does not feel crowded by embarrasedment in case he/she asks the wrong question, instead he/she feels support.


I tell my friends how diverse Nova campus is, every ethnic background and religious group can be balanced without probelms. It is exciting to learn about other cultures that are different.


Teaching quality. There is no doubt in my mind that Nova is academically speaking, very demanding in this area. All the professors are always on top of their courses and assignments. They are always very demanding with reading, homework, and most of all: to excel as much is possible in every class. I like to mention too, that Nova is a high tech school; where the most advances programs are located within the most up-to-date libraries in the state. Computers are always available to the students, and access to a free library to the community.


I will put it in one word: CHALLENGE and INNOVATION ! Nova is a very demanding school in the computer arena. Professors and the homework, as I said before are very demanding every day. They [professors] monitor every student in my class very close, and always asking questions related to the prior class to see if students understood before going to the next chapter., and if there is an student that apperas not sure about the class, they will not go ahead, until everybody is in the same page. It is just fantastic the teaching -student environment. Incredible campus and technology.


... How I love how hard it is and how succesfull you can be. When you have a challenge as great as Nova gives it makes you want to become an even better student. How can you not want to succeed when they teach what it really means to survive at your own risk. No one wants to die in a forest so you have to survive to become a better person and student.


the brand new campus


The diversity and the great buildings.


The library and fitness facilities. Location. Small class sizes.


I brag about the small classroom sizes because to me a class size makes a big difference.


The thing I would brag about the most to my friends about my school would have to be I have really good communication with my professors and the fact they know me by my name. At Nova Southeastern Unviersity, you are not just a person in the crowd you are known by name, major, as well as personal interests.


I tell them how indepth the professors are and how they challenge your way of thinking and work outside the text. The class sizes are small and is a more personal class setting. The facualty, staff, and students are very friendly and nonjudgmental.


It a private school, it very hard and challenging, it a tough school to get in


The professors at NSU truly care about the students; they are enthusiastic about the material they teach and about helping their students in every possible way.


that the beach is close by


Nova Southeastern University is best remembered for its small class size and close community structure. The Student Affairs department does a great job in making students feel like they have a place away from home.


It's campus is beautiful


How much individual attention we get from our professors. Our site seeing at school.


Its the best school.


My fraternity, Kappa Sigma, and what we do on campus. aside from that it has to be the small classes. coming from public school were it wasn't impossible to have a class with 40 plus people, now its impossible and most of my classes max out at around 20 people.

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