Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Nova Southeastern is a beautiful campus and I cannot complain about the education but the worst thing is the tuition price . It is very expensive even with all of my finalcial aids and loans. This is a new type of education for me that makes want to achive my goals but it is hard for me know that the next 3 years I will be financialy safe. The tuition has risen within the last year and it worries me that my parents have to pay so much for my education. I want to graduate with all four years.


I consider the worst thing about Nova Southeastern University to be how high the cost is to attend classes here. Considering that I am from a lower middle class family with three younger siblings, my parents are having a really hard time supporting my education here.


The fact that there are not many individuals that are as ambitious as I am and willing to change the world in a big way. This however, is everywhere and I have only found one person that is willing to go as far as I am so nothing really bad at the school. I find a lot of ambitious people here as well.


The worst thing about my school would be the size of it; how it can be like high school sometimes with the drama and people being interested in others' personal lifes.


The worst thing about NSU is the organization of my particular program. I know, from speaking with other students, that not all the HPD programs are unorganized. A perfect example of the disarray is, it is now 12/27/10 and school resumes on 1/3/11, but I still do not know what days and times my labs will be. This was also an issue before the beginning of the term. I never received the orientation information and would have missed it, had I not called.


It's expensive, yet the quality of education is extremelly good!


The worst thing about school is that many don't feel this much enthusiam as much as I do. I do realize that I am speaking out of a mouth of 21 year old, but time are tough right and the only way that we as young adults must try to acheive the best thing that life through at us.


the tuition is too high.


My school is so complete and satisfying in various ways that the only objectionable part that I can concede as negative or excessive would have to be the high tuition. The education in this school is fascinating, but the high payments can often become the one of the biggest encouragement for students to drop out. It is understandable that the high tuition is well invested and that as full time students, we are able to see and appreciate the way that those funds are dispersed. However, we can't deny that it is difficult to meet the final amount.


Socially speaking, Nova is in a different environment that I believe most people would not take the time to try and get to know the good in others, since it is after all located in close to Miami. The social culture here seems to be very materialistic and at the same time people here tend to live in there own fantasy world of the glitz and glamour. In the end, people are more focused on themselves rather then helping others.


Nothing at the moment


The worst thing about the school is the difficulty to develop friendships between off campus and on campus students. Student involvement with the commuter students is very low due to the fact that students who drive to school for classes would not return for any on campus activities.


It is too small and does not have many social and educational opportunities.


Varriety of food in the cafeteria. Not enough to pick from.


there is not much student envolvement. the games are not very attended. there are not campus wide events for students. if you don't live on campus it is very hard to get involved.


Perhaps it might be that I see some students smoking and since I'm in the Health Professions, I don't like to see that.


The administration's control over social events: private or public


The cost of everything is a major factor in the stress level of students


The cost. The cost of tuition rises every single year by large quantities for no reason. Many of the fees that are tacked onto the bill are rather absurd and unreasonalble as well. The cost is almost not worth the undergraduate education received in many majors of study.


The cost. I know the advantage is having a school that provides necessary help for non-traditional students. however the cost is too much.


There is no school spirit that makes the students feel involved and part of the "college experience". I wish that people were friendlier.


The education classes all follow the same syllabus and the teachers don't have much of a chance to elaborate and add their own ideas.


Lack of school spirit. Lack of on-campus (non-greek related) activities. Communication between administration and students about the on-campus happenings.

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