Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The student body at Nova is very diverse. Therefore, it is hard to generalize them into any particular stereotype. I can say that the students tend to be intellectual and are very focused on education. Nova is also a private school, which does include many students that are well off and parents that can pay for a private school education. The campus is in the south Florida metropolitan area. so many of students are commuter students. There are many foreign students at NOVA, and as a result the school also has much diversity in terms of religion.




Students attending Nova Southeastern University are commonly thought to be primarily interested in entering the medical field. Also, many people believe, due to the fact that NSU is a private university, that every student who attends college there is rich or comes from a well-off family who pays for their tuition. Neither of these stereotypes are the case. Although Nova Southeastern University offers a wonderful medical program, it also offers an array of other degrees, including those in law, writing, performance art, and english. These are just a sample of the degrees Nova offers, and the campus is broadening its horizons as we speak. Nova Southeastern University is also one of the least expensive private universities in the nation. Not only do students benefit from small class sizes and one-on-one tutorials from Professors if they wish to do so, it is a university that does not require their students to be rich or take out loans in order to attend. In fact, the amount of scholarships Nova has to offer is incredible and eligible to most all students.


College students at nova are very diverse. There are many clubs and activities on campus including greek life but because there is so much to do there is not one stereotype that holds. We have the business school which has traditional college students and many adults who are going bak to school.The college of arts and sciences has the geeks, and surfers (marine bio). The dance and theater majors put on many performances each year as well.


Nope. Just because Nova Southeastern University is a private university, definitely does not mean that the students here are snobby in any way. In fact, they are the most down-to-earth people I've ever met. There are all types of people at this school. Walking around campus, you'll find students from all over the country...and all over the world. This diversity makes everyone broaden their horizons and make new friends, keeping everyone grounded.


One of the common stereotypes at my university is that all the students there are "stuck up, rich kids". This is definitely not true. All of the students that attend are very friendly, kind students, who are involved in many different clubs, Greek societies, and organizations. Many of my peers work through the university and are then able to use their earnings for tuition. The university also provides an abundance of institutional, external, and international scholarships that many of the students take advantage of. It is by far safe to say that "stuck up" and "rich" are just inaccurate stereotypes of the students.

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