Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Great University that cares about student life.


One of the enriching experiences of attending a university besides the academic program is the social connection you create with the people around you. In my particular program, I have not been in a class with more than 10 students at a time. This has allowed for us to create a bond with one another as we move along the program. Not only have these friendships been an asset in my chosen field, but I have created friendships that expand past the classroom. Another advantage of being in a small program is the interactions with the faculty and administration. Professors have made themselves available to see me outside of their office hours whenever I had questions or concerns about anything in the program or in my field. Since studying is such a big part of school, I spend a lot of time at Nova's library. Nova has the fifth largest library in the nation, housing tons of helpful resources to help any student. Although the amount of information can be intimidating, Nova offers sessions with librarians that help facilitate your search. There are also archives for research, online databases and a genealogy room for those that want to dig up their roots. One of the things that I look forward to on campus is the lectures. Often times, Nova professors lecture on different topics providing information or maybe just a different perspective on a certain issue, and other times Nova invites outside professionals, artists and faculty to speak to students. These events create an added bonus to the overall college experience.


Nova has enabled me to enroll in a Masters of Writing program in which I have only 12 other students in my class at each time. Therefore, the personal experience I have obtained has come from an enriching environment where I am not just a number on an attendance sheet. This is an incredible experience and something many Universities do not offer. The fact that each professor knows you by name is amazing, and encourages you to not only attend each class, but invigorates you to meet with them during their office hours to discuss not only a particular class, but your future plans. Students who attend Nova have the utmost pride in their campus, and I believe this is due to the small class sizes and incredibly upbeat teachers. The study centers are always busy with groups of students studying together and helping one another learn. There are events almost every week, sometimes even more than one event a week, and plenty of amazing speakers who also create a sense of pride in being a "Shark", as Nova students are known. There is no need to leave campus in order to live in a college town, because Nova is a college town in itself. With an array of stores, study areas, sports games, and eateries on campus, students find themselves not only learning, but have fun and socializing at Nova. The one experience I will remember the most during my time at Nova is the first day of school. I had moved from Tampa and knew no one nor anything about the area of Fort Lauderdale. Within a two hour class, I had made twelve friends, an amazing connection with a teacher, and already had plans to go explore the beaches of Fort Lauderdale with my fellow classmates. Each student that attends Nova seems to take pride in both their school and their town. In an especially diverse community like South Florida, I think this kinship is key in creating a truly special college experience.


I think that Nova Southeastern University is one of the best universities in Florida, and perhaps the United States. I have many friends attending different colleges across the USA, and they all lack some benefits that NSU has to offer. To begin with NSU is a private university. Although, it may sound expensive, compared to other private universities NSU is one of the least expensive ones. NSU offers a great size classroom. Professors, knows each of their students by name. I think that the size is one of the best things about NSU. There are a variety of colleges within the university; also there are many campuses around the world (Vegas, Orlando, Bahamas and many others). This gives students a great way to network; while, it is still small enough to get personalized attention from your professors. Nova has a great reputation. Everyone in our community goes to the vast array of clinics that NSU offers to their students and community. No one has ever had a bad experience and they all come back ranting and raving to me about how professional and what great quality of service they provide. One of the downfalls of NSU is their school spirit. Compared to other colleges they lack in school spirit. I think it has a lot to do with the absences of a football team. NSU does compensate on that by having the Miami Dolphin's training facility on campus as well as having excellent sports teams such as basketball, swimming, baseball, tennis, and many others.

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