Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


i advice the students to be prospective, which means that they always have dreams to be better and get higher degrees. Students must feel the responsibility by studying hard and doing the best to get the highest grades. Moreover, they should be gregarious and nice with all the people and the colleagues to build realtionships that will help them a lot before and after graduating. they should keep their body healthy by never approaching drugs or even cigarettes. they should play sports, which will keep them strong and also can help them to get scholarships for their education.


I believe that anyone could go to this school. I have many friends that are in all kinds of different groups and organizations. I, myself, am on the cross country and track team so I am friends with many of the different sports teams but I also have friends that are in sororities, fraternities, and other organizations around campus. There is no one type of person who goes to this school. My university can be home to anyone who wants a great living experience in South Florida.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that is determined to do what is necessary to succeed. Even though the teachers are nice and very dedicated to helping their students understand and learn, they are also though and expect alot. One thing is for sure, all the hard work is not as bad as one might expect and at the end of the day the harder the work and the more energy incorperated into your studies, the more productive and easier the future will be. You do what you gotta do and it all pays off.


People who want to make a difference in his or her life should attend this school.


Someone who is focused, driven and knoows exactly where they want to go in life




A dedicated individual whose sole focus is on getting a good career and life long friendships. Students' should have set up plans, and follow through with those plans. This school benefits those that prefer small classes more than anyone else.


A driven student who is looking for a small university where they can have a better relationship with their prof.


Someone who is interested in attending the graduate schools here and is determined in pursuing a career in health related fields.


A well-rounded individual who is ready to get exposed to a multi-cultural environment in a tropical setting. The teachers and students are nice and the University is modern, new and clean with many facilities for sports, gyms, pools and free transportation around campus and to the closest malls or shopping centers.


Anybody who's looking for a university with small class sizes, and dedicated professors.


Someone who wants to learn and who enjoys being in small classes




The kin of person who should atttedn this school is someone who does not like to party like crazy because this is the WRONG school. People who want a career, and want to study and do well in school. Oh and someone who is married because guys here well they snatched rather quickly!


someone interested in learning


I believe that any student who is focus and determined to better they future life should take Nova Southeastern Univeristy into consideration. NSU is an diverse envirnoment however it is not ethnically rich as it could be. At my university there are many activities to participate in and if there is nothing that interest a particular student then any student can make up a organization that does. Students who know want from their life should come here. Even if a specific student is not sure as to who they when their journey through college is over it will be clear.




There isn't a specific type of person that should attend Nova Southestern University. The ideal student would be any one, doesn't matter the age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic background, etc. People who want to attend a school in a warmer climate and enjoy cultural diversity.


Any one that wants one on one with professors and a future career with a great school backing them up.


A person that is not looking for a party school.

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