Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone from upper middle to upper class who is interested in current, developing research of their future career field.


A person who is not educationally determined and committed to an educational goal shouldn’t attend this school. It’s a pricey school, so you wouldn’t want to waste your money and time if you’re not goal orientated. A person who parties a lot shouldn’t attend this school. A person who doesn’t like small classroom settings and hands on activities shouldn’t attend this school.


I do not have the right of saying who should or should not attent the school, I think everyone has the same rights.


I honestly cannot say what kind of person shouldn't attend this school. But from my own experience, it has been very difficult at times to concentrate on my studies when there are so many financial aspects that have caused me to lose hope, especially since I have always excelled academically. If students didn't have so many financial burdens to contend with and we didn't have to worry about obtaining credit worthy co-signers in order to stay in school, we would be able to focus more on our studies.


I would believe that all students are welcomed; however, anyone that does not have their goals in prospective, this school would not be for them. Nova Southeastern University is a private school, so it would not be wise to waste money by justn attending this school for name sake. It is for students who are willing to work alongside their the staff / faculty to be successful. Another type of student that reconsider going here is someone whose not well spirited and willing to help others. Our school strive on helping each other succeed in doing the best that they can.


Anyone who wants a challenge.


People who are not serious about school and their future.


Nova is a school open to all, almost anyone with any background would fit in. It does seem however to benefit those who work hard. Unfortunately I cannot recommend international students to go there unless they have the means to pay for the upscale education.


The person who shouldnt attened this school is a person who absolutely hates writing. Everything at the school s based on writing. For majority of your classes your going to have a write an essay. Their curriculum is based on critically thinking and thoughtfully writing!


Fulltime party people.It's not a party school. It's a place of learning first . Then it can be a place of fun. It's what a college should be.


Someone who is not serious about college.


I think everyone should be able to attend this school. As of now, there are so many different cultures seen around campus, and it really shows what kind of school Nova Southeastern University is. Everyone accepts each other, and is willing to learn about other ways of life. The groups on campus are so diverse and it makes me feel good about the way my fellow students treat each other. They are respectful and understanding, and that's exactly what I expect and get from the people I'm surrounded by.


anyone would do well at this school


Someone who has an A type personality.


Someone who wants to have a football team, alot of school spirit, and a small city.


Someone who is looking for a big public school with a lot of school spirit.


I think this school would fit any personality.


I do not think that there is anyone who should not attend this school. There is so much love an diversity throughout this school that anyone can easily find their niche.


Anyone that wants to become a doctor or lawyer, anyone that has money, you gotta be smart, you gotta be focus


Someone who is lazy and unmotivated to be socially and academically involved.


A non-focused person should not attend school because they waste everyone's time and money as well as their own.


Individuals who are closed minded and who are not career/goal oriented. Nova has various opportunities to excel in. If a person is not focused they should not attend this college.


The type of student who shouldnt attend NSU is a person who does not have any ambition and does not mind wasting their money. Nsu is very expensive and shouldn't be wasted.


I do not think that there is any kind of person that should not attend this school, it is extremely diverse in race and ethniticity. There are people from all walks of life that attend Nova Southeastern University, I feel that that is a great quality that the school has. Since the students are from all over the world you get to learn about other cultures and become aware of the world rather than being ignorant to it.


Somebody who is looking for a small campus where everyone is like a second family shouldn't attend this school. The downfall of medium- to large-sized classes is that sometimes the teachers do not remember who you are unless you make some kind of impression upon them. If you are comfortable with this anonymity, then you'll be fine. Also, those who are not self-motivated shouldn't go to my school; a lot of the most valuable learning is accomplished through self-expansion related to the topics learned in school.

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