Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


there was nothing I wish I had known because I received great information before I started.


I wish I had known that I can apply for scholarships while I am still in the high school. I just heard about the story of the scholarships this year when I applied in the university. I am feeling unsatisfied, because I missed this opportunity. Scholarship is very helpful to the students to complete their education. It helps the students to pay for the fees and tuitions of their universities. All students must realize the value of the scholarship and its importance, and they must try to apply as much as they can.


I wish I would’ve known more about my financial need and how important scholarships are. I wish I would’ve known not to procrastinate when it comes to applying for financial aid. I wish I knew how important money is when it comes to going to college. Money is my only personal problem with this school.


I wish I had known that our school did not have a football team. Although it sounds silly, football makes a university's school spirit rise to an entire new level. It is what makes a name for your school and attracts others to attend.


I wish I had known about the school earlier than I did. I think that I would have been an Alumni already.


I wish I would have known about the dual admissions program for medical and dental school. I would have applied before being a freshmen as the program only starts when you are a freshman. It does not apply to transfer students.


I wish that I had taken more college prep courses before I arrived at college. I wish that I had of made a decision on a definite major, it would have actually have been education.


Nova Southeastern University is an institution that challeges you in every area within the educational rem. Work is challenging but rewarding; and my choice was the correct decision.I


I wish I had known how hard it would be to find financial aid to fund my education at Nova. I have attended other colleges before but never had the problems of needing more money. Usually the initial financial aid award would be enough to cover all of my expenses. My financial award remained the same as if I was attending some of my previous colleges and that barely skimmed the cost of tuition at Nova. But I feel I have chosen the right school for me so I will continue to apply for other scholarships and grants.


Before I started my education on secondary English, I wish I would have known that their expertise is really on elementary education. Even though I had many good professors, I don't feel I received enough preparation in many areas in secondary English especially in literature. For instance, we never trained on how to teach Shakespeare which is definitely a big part of the curriculum in secondary.


Well before I came to this school, I basically had knowledge of just about everything in the school. One of my friends also attends this University and she told me all about it and I loved it. It became every interesting to me and I began to investigate this school. So there is really nothing that I wish I would have known before I came to this school.


I wish I had known that unless you were going to join a sorority or sports team, you would not fit in. I am currently upset that I chose to go to this school because I feel misplaced. I wish I had taken more time to get all the facts from different perspectives around the school. I was informed that the Hillel (a Jewish organization) was active and full of excitement, but I have yet to experience any sort of their activities due to the lack of them. This school is clean and beautiful, but those are the only attributes.


The per credit hour cost! Also, whether prior learning credits could be easily applied for adult learners.


I wish I had searched for grants and scholarships to pay for Nova during my junior year in high school. I wish I could have saved every penny in my wallet before attending Nova.


I wish I would of know of the math department's grading at Nova Southeaster University. It really wasn't what I was expecting meaning the way they grade your overall math grade, which doesn't work for every student. speaking for myself. I wish I also would of know that my transfer credits would not all transfer in along with my high grade point average from my other school.


Perhaps, tutoring will be an area where Nova can improve much better for tomorrow's kids. There are plenty of computer centers, but these enters are in need of certain tutors within the computer field. Also, would be great to have work-shops every now and then for students to get hands-on training in their desire fields of interest.


Everything I needed to know about this school I learned at the orientation. I learned about the types of classes I would be taking, the housing situation, the students already attending the school and so much more. I didn't feel out of place at all on the first day of my classes because I was prepared by the useful information I was given on the day of orientation.


that cerain programs are very difficult to get into


so small and I hate the academic advisors


I wish I had known that the staff responsible for ADVISING students is incapable of doing just that without supervision from those whom they are supposedly ADVISING.


That the financial aid office give you the run around and they take a long time to process documents, as well as the fact that there is no accountability when the school makes a mistake.


That the biology building was old and not very nice looking.


The attendance policy is just ridiculous


I wish i knew that the professors were so rigid as far as the class curriculum. Also, I wish i would have known how to study for classes on the college level before i entered.


How nice it really is and how conveniant it is.


How small of a campus it is, how disorganized staff is, how big of a commuter school it is. How students are not very involved on this campus.

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