Nova Southeastern University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about this school is the library. It is the biggest public library in Florida. With state of the art technology and a wide spread availability of books, it is definitetly the best part of campus.


I consider the best thing about Nova SOutheastern University to be how small the class sizes are. I really feel like my professor gets to know me and cares whether I am present in lecture or not.


I would say the best thing about my school is how small it is. I know a lot of students like to go to large universities because of the name and the excitement, but my small university has furthered my education because of how small it is. All of my classes are about twenty-five students and my professors know me by name and I feel comfortable asking questions in class. Each class makes students feel like they are given an adequate amount of attention which is great for college learning.


My school is gorgeous. The best thing about my school is that it is worth the money that you pay for it. Every employee is dedicated to helping students succeed.


I think that the best thing about NSU's Vascular Sonography program is the one-on-one training provided. I just finished my first semester and I can honestly say that the faculty did everything in there power to assist me. I previously attended Broward College and I never got the same feeling from the faculty there. I did struggle with Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, but the professors were always available to help me. From studying tips to individualized instruction, the teachers were amazing!


What I consider to be the best thing about Nova are the class sizes. Classes are very small in size do to the fact that it is a private university. This not only gives students more time with there professors for questions and for individual explanations if needed, but it also helps professors get to know there students better.


The teachers and staff at my school are very helpful and well educated. NOVA is a very popular school with many different programs and opportunities .


the way professors teach their classes.


The emphasis on learning your degree field not just remembering something to past a test. They want you to know more than the average person in your degree fieled would know.


Aside from the wonderful education Nova provides, it seems to go at a faster pace. I used to attend another college as a full-time student, and it felt as if my whole day was consumed by school. At Nova, I attend school full-time as well as hold a full-time job. Nova's semesters are divided in half; two classes the first half and two classes the second half. You're a full-time student, but only taking two classes at a time. So not only are you completing school faster, but the workload isn't as overwhelming.


The small class sizes, availability of professors, use of computer labs, study rooms, study groups, easy to make friends, networking, sports, and family like feeling.


Online education- I can earn a degree from several hundred miles away. The online program will allow me to earn an advanced degree on my time. I can do my lessons and submitt my homework when it is convenient for me.


NSU provides quality education for all students. The courses are well staffed by highly trained professors. They work with the students to really help them in their field of study.


The best aspect of NSU is the learning experience. The classrooms are typically small, so it is much easier to have one on one with the teacher. Also the teachers are experts in the fields and have experienced what the students are now facing. They offer help, advice, and so much more. They are engaging and motivational.


The best thing about my school is the uniqeness and positivity that each person gives off. Every person that I am come to love and cherish in my school is unique. I have truley never met such amazing and different people. It changes your mind set and your views. It betters your values abd beliefs and keeps you positive throughout college, one of the most challenging parts of life and growing.


Class size is very good, always small and a very personal learning setting.


The best thing would by my Fraternity: KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY, thats the best becasue when you look it from out side you dont understand what we are and when you are in side you really can't explain it.


Best thing about the school would be the fact that its small enough so that you know many people who go to your school but it could be and should be much larger that it currently is.


Small classroom sizes


Teamwork, we all worked together. And the Professores and staff are so pleasent.


The location is one of the best things, as well as the modern environment that helps you learn and look towards the future.


Technologically superior, beautiful facilities, small class size.


The people the diversity the class sizes the good friends the library and very modern buildings and clean dorms with bathrooms in each room

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