Nyack College Top Questions

Describe the students at Nyack College.


My classmates are avid learners who aspire to change the world for poverty stricken people.


My classmates are generally interested in their schoolwork, and working hard to succeed.


My classmates are very out spoken. Everyone is different but the same at the same time. Everyone is christian at my college but with different views on certain scriptures. My classmates are very respectful and helpful.


Racially, Spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally diverse group of people


Nyack college is filled with students all over the country, as well as the world. It was amazing to see such interracial groups of friends. Culture is one of the most shared parts of the students lives. We are all motivated to work hard and grasp our goals. School spirit fills the campus during every sport event. The range of music, theature, sports, and other students clubs makes a very welcoming atmosphere for any type of person.


In the music department, my classmates are my family, we work hard together and because of the small size of the music department everyone knows everyone.


each one is very unique!