Nyack College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for successfully incorporating religious ideals with career application skills.


School surrounding with Jesus and liberal arts. Our school is known to live a Christ life and show and be with other people who unerstand living with Jesus in our lives.


Nyack College is best known for its intimate environment. The population of students is very small, therefore, provides students with small classes. It is also an excellent place to study Christianity and prepare for seminary. It provides a great college experience in a Christian environment.


My school is best known for its weave of academics and religion. It rewards the students with the knowledge of what goes on in our immediate world and the spiritual world as well, thus, edifying its students on two different planes for us to prosper in our careers. Academically, the school provides us with a wide variety of classes in all its departments. Spiritually, my school delivers several mandatory courses to enlighten us on theology to build a strong foundation in the future.


It's best known for its cultural diversity, closeness to New York City, and the opportunity to work in Christian ministry.