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Nyack College is the most diverse Christian college. There are people from Germany, Hawaii, Russia and others form different sections of the United States. To me it's a "Breath of fresh air eperience." Coming form a city where everyone looks like me it's refreshing to talk to people from literally all over the world.


It is very diversified, globally engaged, socially relevant, and Christian based.


The number one thing that is unique about my school is that it's in a christian setting. I can worshiip God while getting an education.


The class sizes are good for those students that cannot deal with the lecture type classes. There is an environment that is conducive to self-discovery and goal achieving. Because of the schools Christian background it opens the doors for Christians to find their way into a career that is not only fulfilling in the secular but in the spiritual aspects of their lives.


It is small and has great atmosphere, the teacher to student ratio is awesome and you get that feeling that they care about their students unlike bigger university's that have hundreds of students in each class.


Nyack College unifies education and Christian qualities in a special way, so that everytime you are going back to Nyack it feels like you going back home. The Nyack College Community is like a big family.


I attended Nyack (DC) Campus. While we did not have the ammenities that most colleges would enjoy (fraternities, sororities, campus life, etc), the school was comprised of adults that had various goals in mind but were focussed individuals with determination to complete. The drive of the cohorts and the professors for one to achieve at whatever their desired dream was, gave every student the push they needed to see their dream to reality.


It's diversity of not only races on campus, but Christian denominations and beliefs. Not only is it diverse in students, but the faculty as well. It's also beautiful!!!! Nyack would probably also be considered somewhat liberal in comparison to other Christian colleges, but definitely not as liberal as others. There is also faculty that live on campus in mentor homes and open their homes to students. There is a very close and open relationship between faculty and students. Faculty WILL know your name.


I believe that Nyack College is very unique. Yes we have our downfalls but in the end we know thats its all about family. Lately we have been embracing the theme of community, and we have been out reaching out to local areas as well as those in other bororughs. Its great to attend a college when you know that your professors and peers are praying for you. When God is at the core of your education what can go wrong. And when you can give back to your community its a wonderful thing.


Nyack College is one of the most diverse colleges in the United States. We are challenged to reach out to our community and the world. Overseas trips and inner city experiences are very widely taken oppurtunities. The student bond and community is prized. Although it is a smaller college, the friendships are live changing. The student/professor interaction is comforting as well as encouraging. There is never a time when help is absent from a need.