Nyack College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Nyack College?


The type of person that should attend Nyack should be a person who wants to be challenged spiritually, personally, and intellectually. Nyack has an array of opportunities for one to become firm in their beliefs in God. They also provide many opportunities to connect and network with people who can benefit you in your area of study in either an instant or throughout a lifetime. College in general has a unique experience of its own, but college at Nyack can be transformational if you allow it.


Someone who is religious and serious


People who are interested in missionary studies, pastoral ministries, or anything related to the ministry, Christianity, or comparative religions should come here.


One who desires to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. One who is willing to work hard in his or her studies and develop positive relationships. One who is willing to grow as a Christian student.


One who is focused and not easily swayed by the goings on in the college


A person who serious about their christian faith and thier education. Additionally someone who is responsible and serious about attaing a college degree.


A person who is a Christian and seeks for a relationship with God.


Someone who is geared towards spirituality. Someone who wants to learn how to apply their faith to every aspect of their life.