Nyack College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Me, You're about head out on the long and hard journey. It will not be easy and this will be the toughest experience of your life. Yet, always remember it will be the most special time of your life. It'll be an emotional roller costar! Most likely you will cry, laugh, make lots of new friends, get angry, but then a wave of peace will come. I know this will be shock to you since you've always managed to keep your game face on. Just brace yourself cause you know how you get. You're strong, but your weaknesses are what you will need to focus on to endure what's ahead. I know it sounds strange, but just listen. You are very aware of your strengths, but this will be the best time in your life to grow where you are weak. This advice will not only help you through college, but for the rest of your life. Strive to become all you can. Let nothing or no one hold you back. I know you heard those sayings before, but remember it's not where you are, it's where you're going!


Ah, the joys of high school! Living at home, complimentary free meals from your mother, comfortable conversation with well-known friends, free tuition to school, and the sometimes allowance to skip class is soon to be omitted from college life. You will miss the granted cushions of adults who remind you to rise before you miss the deadlines. Being immersed into the social life and not your G.P.A is a dangerous levy to cross. Your dreams will not be satisfied without a stable career or job training skills that beget inevitable happiness. The immaturity of relying on faithful adults to aid you will be absent in your dorm away from home. Start taking yourself seriously! Practicing to be a reliable and serious young adult will be a bigger pay off then your chore allowances. Set your alarm, seek help, interview people in your desired career, save money, and aspire for the higher the grade. I promise, the summer will not be fraught with bitter tastes of an underprepared child, but the sweetest preparation of the next exciting phase of your life.


Although college is a segment of time where you learn, meet new friends and lovers, decide or become undecided on a major, it is a place where you can make mistakes and start again. Do not be afraid of failure. Whether it is failing a class or losing a friendship, college is a place of learning in every area of your life. Although the odds look like they are stacked up against you, as long as you do not give up, you can always win. Failure is just a propeller to show you how to avoid the same mistakes on your next try. How many tries did it take Thomas Edison to make the first incandescent, electric light bulb until he got it right? Like him we should aim never to settle for less and to strive on through our mistakes to learn from them and to become a growing success in our endeavors. George Eliot said, “It is never too late to be who you might have been.” You may have a dream that did not work out the first time you tried it, but it is never too late to try again and see it become a reality.


I would tell myself to bucle down and do all that she can do now so that she can have a life of honest happiness and so she can live life the way it should be lived. I would reassure the younger me that she CAN do anything that she puts my mind too and although it is going to be hard its nothing that she cant handle or achieve. I would sit her down look her straight in her eyes and tell her she is worth more than not doing all she can to be the best her she can be. I would make sure she knows her dreams are worth giving a shot and no matter who say what she should follow her heart. Most of all ide tell her shes not alone and if she needs help then reach out because the world is full of people that want to see her succeed !


Take highschool seriously and do not be afraid of challenges and risks. Take advantage of all the extra curricullar activities available to you.


Dear Elisabeth, It has been a while. I know you are stressed because you are trying to figure out where you want to school. You feel like time is running out, and that you have to get everything done now. As your future self, I am here to encourage you to enjoy every moment of your life. You are smart enough to know what to do and what not to do. Although you know your limits, I encourage you to expand your limits for the sake of your dreams. You are afraid of heights, but take a plane somewhere. You feel like you need to do homework every day, but take a day doing something you really enjoy. People are telling you that you only have one life, and you should make the most of every opportunity. Trust me: you have plenty of time! Although it is important to work as hard as you can, make sure you make time to have fun. In addition, remember that everything happens for a reason. Never complain that something did not go your way. Your life will be a happy ending. If you are not happy, it is not the end. Blessings, Elisabeth


I would say take a lot of time to really think about what it is you aspire to do. Really sit down and weigh out all of your options. Also wherever you end up going remember your G.P.A is very important is especially if you plan on furthering your education, and if you are involved in any sports. Procrastination is not an option. Do not ever forget the main reason you are there, and stay focused on that. Do your best not to get distracted by too many other things outside of academics. Also don't be ashamed to ask for all the help that you can from fellow classmates as well as professors who have been there once before too.


If I could back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would make a plan for my senior year. First I would take the time and thought to figure out what might I like to major in college. I would do this over the summer before my senior year starts so that I could take high school courses in that area. Those courses would benefit me in college and put myself one step ahead. Second, as soon as the semester would starts I would consult to my high school's counselor for information about colleges and scholarships. I would then establish a close relationship with her so that I could get the extra help. Third, I would strived to become a straight A student and achieve Honor Roll. Fourth, during my first quarter I would've narrowed my college choices to the top ten and apply for each. Of course I would at first present my college choices to my college counselor and plan out the next steps with her. By winter break I would begin applying for scholarships and apply to as much as 20 or more. Overall I would have taken the year more seriously.


I would tell myself to get the best grades and scores that you can possibly get so that you can have more opportunities.


This is a great question! I would definitely inform myself to always stay on top of my school work. I would stress the fact that laziness is definitely not a habit worth adopting. I would encourage myself to be the man I am, or rather the man that God would have me to be. In other words, be myself in Christ Jesus. Don't be fearful of others opinions. I would tell myself to be sincere in every relationship I develop in college and beyond. I would tell myself the same phrase my mother has been telling me since second grade, which is "do your best and your best will do for you!"


I would advice myself to study more so that i can get a scholarship because even though i am receiving finacial aids and loans, therefore i still need to pay a lot of money back when i am done with college.


I want to start by letting you know that college is the greatest experience that as a young adult you can go through. Please don't waste your time in High School and give yourself a better opportunity to get more help through scholarships by applying yourself to get better grades in High School. College will open the doors to many possibilities and greater and better dreams than the ones that you already have. Don't allow time to slip by because it only become more difficult to achieve your goals as you get older and other responsibilities are added to your life. Don't place limitations on your future by wasting your time and not preparing for a college education. You will see that in the end it was well worth the patience and perseverance.


Honestly not alot, I went to a great highschool were i feel i was prepare as any student could be. The transition was the easy part, staying on top of my schedule and school work was difficult. I would tell myself not to be lazy and not let the distractions of the college life take away from the reasons you are in school for the first place. Education is the key to my future so I wil continue to strive to make the steps to becoming a better student the next few years while I am in school.


To choose the right way in your life, is just your funeral. Do whatever you want and not what people want you to do. This is your life and you should take the chances God gives you, because he has a plan for you and he will show you opportunities to live your life in the right way and make the right decissions.


Jelani tighten it all up and do not play with your life. The things of high school that are so pleasurable are but a wimper in the wind in this "real world." Don't let anyone tell you hard work is the less rewarding way because hard work builds a stone solid foundation and if the rain and wind come near you they will not be able to knock you off balance. Short cuts in short are for those who desire less from themselves. Study a bit more and joke around less knowing there is a time and place for everything. If you take a leap before a step you might fall into the gap so always remember like the tortoise and the hare, slowly but surely wins the race. Also tell your mom you love her more and more everyday she is doing and will do so much more for you than you can imagine. Peace kid!


Dear Mia, as far as your college career goes, stick to your instinct. You know that person isn't a good influence, so steer clear of them, do not worry about the past because it is in the past for a reason, oh and focus more on your school work, boys will come and they will go! As long as your nose is planted on those books your GPA will look nice and your scholarships too! It's fun going to the student center and playing pool, but remember you have a test in the morning so do not stay too late! Above all keep God first and everything will fall into place, you are your own worst enemy so treat yourself right! I love you, sincerely your future self


I have gotten so much out of my college experience that will help me later in life. I have made interesting friends who have opened my eyes about Christ and living as he is my savior and friend. I have also played sports and develop leadership and the ability to work as a team. Nyack college has also improved my education and worldy views. I loved college and every person shoul attend to mature and learn more about life and the worl around. us.


Prior to attending Nyack, I did not see the value in engaging in conversations outside of my stance in life. My experiences at this school has thrust me into a broader and deeper appreciation for life in general. While we all have differences of opinion, it is imperative to understand the depth of one's conviction which enables you to hear them from their perspective and not your preconceived notion of a culture, person, etc. Group discussions, activities, and assignments with my cohort have taught me that while we all may take different routes in life, ultimately our goals are the same, to succeed. We must all learn to appreciate the route that each one takes and glean from the ideas, understandings, cultural differences and opinions of others. We must learn to unite and pull from the strength that is amongst you, and realize that none of us are islands, we need each other. Your help in life just may not look, believe or perceive as you do. Stay open!


I have received a great deal of self worth and validation. I thought I was entering college just to get an education but what I left with was so much more. I became aware of who I was and realized I was capable of doing even greater things as I pursued other areas in my life. It gave me the confidence to speak in front of others and the assuredness of being articulate while doing so. I also tell those whom I mentor that your education is something that no one can ever take from you. Once you achieve that goal its an achievement you can always look upon and be proud of. In short my college education gave me pride, self worth, validation of self, confidence to go on to other things, and the ability to pay it forward by sharing my experience and education with others.


My Name is Alice M. Ballard, and I am currently a 12th grade student at John Hay High School in Cleveland, OH. I am a member of the "High Tech - Upward Bound" career path which allows me to successfully take college courses and receive college credit simultaneously. Upon graduating in June 2011, I will receive my high school diploma, along with an "Associates Degree" from Cleveland Community College - (Tri C). My experience in college has been instrumental in devleoping my social skills. I have a speech impediment that has hendered me for many years. In spite of the fact I have been athletic and out going, my college experience has shown me the other side of "success." - Being around a college campus and college students, we are all very respectful of one another, which when I talked, nobody was quick to make fun of my style of speaking. I feel elated to know that it won't be difficult to speak around others in a college environment, knowing they will not down play my words or try to embarras me. I'm looking so forward to continue my education after achieving my associates degree. Thank You.


Before entering a university, I as a very unmotivated student, and never put my best effort into my studies. I didn't see the point of further educating myself, therefore, didn't even plan on attending college. I applied to schools anyway and got into one! I decided to give it a try and what I got as a great experience! It taught me that without hard work and committment, one can't excel in life. In order to succeed, one must put forth that much work. As I started to study things that interested me, I also discovered the joy of learning. I was no longer learning subjects that bored me, but actually learning about things that I wanted to use in my future career. College also taught me responsibility. Without a parent constantly reminding me to do my homework or to study for my tests, I initially found it difficult to get all my work done. As the semester progressed, I learned to structure my day so that I would have enough time to do everything I needed to do. Time management is key to a successful academic career in college.


I have learned to be even more open minded and understanding about cultures and traditions. I have learned to draw closer to God in my own life. It has been valuable to attend Nyack College because as a business major, I have been placed in a school where there is need of new services, i.e. coffee shop, that demand the attention of growing busindess student.


While I was a student at a small, private, Christian highschool in upstate NY, the thought of attending college made me very nervous. I wasn't nervous about what grades I would get , meeting new people, or what profession to pursue, rather I was fixated on a single step: leaving what was familiar. Although I don't like to admit it, change has been difficult for me and taking that step to leave for college and begin a business degree was a challenge. That initial change may have been difficult on my nerves but it's now rewarding in that I am more confident and willing to attempt things that seem intimidating to me. First steps toward new experiences are an easier process since I've attended college. At first, beginning college itself was an act of courage and a willingness to overcome personal obstacles, now college is a place where I explore more unfamiliar areas in life and become equipped to address them. I value my college experience because it has emboldened me.


My college experience has only been one year, however what I have learned far surpasses english 1 and basic algebra. The faculty has done an incredible job at making their classes not only informative, but generally enjoyable. The students are helpful, friendly, and considerate, as well as fun, and uplifting. My experience at Nyack College has been an unforgettable, and awesome one. ere is nowhere else i would rather be for the rest of my college years. I have grown academically, personally, and spiritually since arriving on the campus. My Residence Assistant (RA), as well as the other leaders in my dorm were cheerful and always lending a helping hand. The professors I had were knowlegable, as well as fun, and made my learning experience enjoyable and memorable. I found a group of friends who helped me through hard times, and helped each other grow personally and spiritually. We daily strive to uplift each other, and make ourselves better. My experience at Nyack College has been so much more than just a year at school. I met wonderful leaders, friends, and professors; I matured and grew. I would recommend Nyack College to anyone because of my experience this year.


The work is alot. I did'nt think I would have so much papers to write but it has become interesting to me. The people of different cultures from around the world you get to meet and they share their life style back at home with you. My college have this thing we call small groups, and we talk about our family situations and things that we have over come. I really like my school and I wish every person could experience what I am experiencing here.


Dear Jasmine, I know your so excited about senior year and moving on to adulthood.However,there are some things you should know about college life and life in general. When applying for colleges do not procrastinate getting college essays into the admissions office because that can delay your acceptance. You may think that writing a two page essay is a alot, but trust me hun...it isnt! Once you get to college,proffessors will expect you to write three-five paged papers so get use to all the writing.Once you get accepted to the college of your choice create a list of things you need.You should try going online and see the college's reccomendation list of things you might need.Most importantly,be yourself no matter what happens.Acting like somene else is very hard and you'll be drowned with essays to worry about that. Later, Jasmine


Being in high school, I was very shy and quiet. I would tell myself, don?t wait too long to come out of your shell. I would tell myself, don?t be afraid to socialized and let people in your life, because you will meet some amazing friends. I would say, don?t be afraid to ask for help, in the real world people don?t come to you, ?You have to go for help.? There are many people willing to help, but you have to ask. Use a planner in order to plan ahead, because before you know assignments will pile up and you can become behind work.


Really take senior year serious, and don;t forget to explore every chose you have!


As a highschool senior I was fearful of what College demanded of me. This perspective of not believeing that I was capable of withstanding the workload and of not adjusting socially truly damaged my self esteem. It is sad to say that I allowed this fear take over my emotions and I began to shy away from the idea of College.


If I was given the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high scool senior, knowing what I know about college life now and its transitions, the advice I would give myself is to free myself of the burden of going back in time to speak to my past self. It is much to large a responsibility. I would, as a high school senior, tell my future self that it is not worth the waste of words and time to come back from the future to forwarn me of my future self. I would tell my future self that I want to experience what life has, its beautiful struggles, its pain, its love, its ineviatable struggle for progression in this everchanging world. This would be what I would have to tell my future self as a high school senior. Not waste his time going back to the past to warn me but to keep a vigilant eye to the past, in order to free himself of mistakes commited in the past to soar into his future free of worry.


The first thing I would say to myself is take advantage of every oppurtunity. If there is a scholarship you could apply for take the time to fill it out because chances are there are a lot of other students who are too lazy to do it. Make sure that procrastination is a thing of your past. The best thing to do while in college is to start every assignment once you find out about it. It is not to hard to maintain a great gpa if you follow your syllabus and stay on top of your assignments. It is however very diffucult to catch up and maintain good grades. There does have to be down time or you will get burned out very quickley. Also despite what you have heard about teachers not being as friendly in colleger they really to want the best for their students. So if you are struggling just ask to speak with them and they will most likely help. The best advice I can give is to work on time management. Time management becomes your best friend in college.


For my own experience I been on that situation where I have being unemployed and wondering where my next meal or bill payment going to come. In my eight years in the Army I had the opportunity of counsel, many soldiers that were under my direct supervision, many of them with family problems, alcohol and drug addiction, and when I started to listen to these men I felt could relate to them, because I am a father too, I being there in that same chair having someone listening to my own problems. I also recognize that I am a good listener. Furthermore, as a family man I also had to deal with stress of being a father especially if you have twin daughters, with many issues and drama that young adult have early on in life.


To really look for a place where not only will you grow as a person but find somewhere where people care for you and show love.


Take more AP classes- they pay off!!! Work hard, that work ethic will translate to college. When looking for a school, ask yourself where you think you could live not necessarily have the most fun. Be open to places who wouldn't have thought of and types of school you wouldn't have guessed. Think about what is important to you when it comes to school size, where you want to live etc. Prioritize those and then decide. Look and apply for scholarships!!!! Every little bit helps


There are many choices you can make at any college. You can make the right choice, the wrong choice, and nothing. out of these three, I believe the third option would be the worst. I would strongly suggest that you take full advantage of all the services the school provides in order to truly make the most out of your college experience. Attempt to volunteer, interact, and get to know people both on and off campus. Ono top of all this, I would also urge you to test each option carefully--and remember that your best choice is made through faith.


To find the college that is right for you, make sure you visit. Look at more schools than you want to and get a good idea of what kind of campus you like. Make sure you know exactly where the emphasis is. Talk to students about your questions and concerns about each particular school. Make sure you know beforehand whether you prefer small, personal classes or bigger ones. Definitelty make sure to see how well your career program is taught at each school you look at.


The advice that I would give to students about finding the right college is to find the place that best fits one's specific needs and likes. For example, Nyack is centered on biblical principles and Christian community, which to me is very important because I am a practicing Christian. I was delighted to find a school that shared my values. It is not the perfect school but I don't think any school is. The key is finding a school that makes one feel comfortable and allows for the chance to make many close friends. My advice for making most of the college experience is to seek to establish close friendships. Focus on one's workload but know when to relax and enjoy time with friends. It can be a hard task at first balancing these two, but doing both is important.


My advice would be choose the college that best suits you and the dreams you have. Look into the programs in the special field that you want to study in and see if that college will best meet your need to learn.


I would encourage students to start looking into colleges their junior year in high school. Never think that it is too early, because once senior year comes its all about acceptance letters and even rejection letters. Be on top of everything and be sure not to miss deadlines and have all documentations ready. I would tell the parent to push their children to look into the schools with their child and let them know how important school is. While looking at schools, take into consideration how far it will be from home. Being very far from home can affect ones social life and that can prevent the college experience from being great. But while you are there, always rememeber thats a one time experience. Have as much fun as possible and don't miss out on oppurtunities of meeting great people, but always remember to get the work done. As I was once told its better to pay then play. Meaning, its better to pay gettin all the work done and know when its time to play and have fun. But over all, Be responsible.


Sometimes its really about what you NEED in a college and not what you WANT. So don't be so picky about whether it has a pool or not.


I would advise parents to encourage their students to focus on what it is they wnat to do with their life when deciding on what college to attend. I encourage parents to research with their children different colleges that have good programs for what they want to do, and weigh those colleges against one another on other areas such as location, cost, student population, or campus activities. It is very important that students apply to more than one school. One of my biggest regrets is only applying to one school, so that I pretty much had to go to that one school when there might have been other schools that were better suited to what I wanted to study. It doesn't matter if students think their mind is set, parents should encourage them to search around for what would be the best fit for them and apply to several different schools, so that their options remain as open as possible.


Just have faith and talk to God to lead and direct your footsteps to choose the right college campus for your child , yourself and other people who are interested on planning on going back to school in the upcoming year. Start looking at a head of time, instead of waiting at the last minute to apply for admissions at a particular college or universitiy that best suites you. Always look at the surrounding area of where you will be spending your college career, search for transportation, academic programs that will interest you on what your major, job setting while living on or off campus, and the most important is tuition and total expenses.


I would say to make sure that your school of choice has the major that you want to take up. Dont wait until your about to be a junior to decide because you may be too far behind to graduate on time. Parents make sure you are willing to support your child finically because in some cases its not that easy to find a job and be a student. If your child only eats certain foods or is very picky you may want to supply them with grococies because college food is nothing compared to mommys food. When you get to college try to stay focused, its very easy to become distracted. There are a lot of fun activites and places you may want to go with your friends but make sure you balance your time and put school first, because its not that hard to fall behind in work because you want to play. But most importantly student have fun and make the most out of your college experince, oh and make sure you call home at least once a week, t his is something that most college students forget to do. Enjoy college and learn everything you can.


Make sure you make a vist before you go to any college. look for stuff that interests you and where you know u cant get in to trouble but you will have a good college experance. make sure the school he the major you want. dont always attend a school for its sports.


College is a wonderful experience than will impact you forever. This is a choice about your life and should be taken with the upmost seriousness. Although college is known to be a place to find identity which often comes with partying and drinking, there are much more concrete ways to discover who you are. Education and vocation oppurtunity should be the first priority. A school's greatness comes from the interaction between students and professors. It is wise to see out a place where you know you will be challenged both accedemically and socially. Ask yourself first what your main goal is, afterall we are paying a fortune now a days to go anywhere to get a degree. So if in the long run you're hopes are to get a great job in an area you love, find the school the is most advanced in that area. Find a place where you know you will enjoy the campus and what is around it, as well as the size and the people. Most importantly find a place that welcomes you to become your very best.


Be sure to get involved in your college community, finding out campus activities, organizations, living situations, student ratios, and places to go around the area. Really look into all that the college offers YOU as the student, and make sure that they will make it a priority to find you a job after your education is completed.


This fall thousands of students will enroll to receive a diploma in 2012. That seemingly insignificant paper will enable students to pursue the career they have always dreamed of. Don't be afraid to try a new place or take a chance with a university. I attended the same college as my sister which I don't regret now but I should have explored my options a little more before deciding. Also, always look at the financial aid offered and make sure you are getting the best deal. Some schools may boast an inexpensive yearly tuition but may have other outrageous costs for meal plans or housing. Always be aware of scholarships and grants, these are the best way to help pay for college as you do not take out a loan and pay them later. In the end, the name of the school on your diploma may have little impact in your professional career, it is the effort that students put into their education that will determine their success. College, however, is not only about grades, it is about independence. This is one thing that cannot be bought or sold, but experienced. This is your legacy, make it last.


make sure that it is a school you really want to invest in for your future. Also make sure that the school enviroment is a safe one , and that the classes will help teach and train you for your profession.