Nyack College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Nyack College know before they start?


Dear Me, You're about head out on the long and hard journey. It will not be easy and this will be the toughest experience of your life. Yet, always remember it will be the most special time of your life. It'll be an emotional roller costar! Most likely you will cry, laugh, make lots of new friends, get angry, but then a wave of peace will come. I know this will be shock to you since you've always managed to keep your game face on. Just brace yourself cause you know how you get. You're strong, but your weaknesses are what you will need to focus on to endure what's ahead. I know it sounds strange, but just listen. You are very aware of your strengths, but this will be the best time in your life to grow where you are weak. This advice will not only help you through college, but for the rest of your life. Strive to become all you can. Let nothing or no one hold you back. I know you heard those sayings before, but remember it's not where you are, it's where you're going!


Ah, the joys of high school! Living at home, complimentary free meals from your mother, comfortable conversation with well-known friends, free tuition to school, and the sometimes allowance to skip class is soon to be omitted from college life. You will miss the granted cushions of adults who remind you to rise before you miss the deadlines. Being immersed into the social life and not your G.P.A is a dangerous levy to cross. Your dreams will not be satisfied without a stable career or job training skills that beget inevitable happiness. The immaturity of relying on faithful adults to aid you will be absent in your dorm away from home. Start taking yourself seriously! Practicing to be a reliable and serious young adult will be a bigger pay off then your chore allowances. Set your alarm, seek help, interview people in your desired career, save money, and aspire for the higher the grade. I promise, the summer will not be fraught with bitter tastes of an underprepared child, but the sweetest preparation of the next exciting phase of your life.


Although college is a segment of time where you learn, meet new friends and lovers, decide or become undecided on a major, it is a place where you can make mistakes and start again. Do not be afraid of failure. Whether it is failing a class or losing a friendship, college is a place of learning in every area of your life. Although the odds look like they are stacked up against you, as long as you do not give up, you can always win. Failure is just a propeller to show you how to avoid the same mistakes on your next try. How many tries did it take Thomas Edison to make the first incandescent, electric light bulb until he got it right? Like him we should aim never to settle for less and to strive on through our mistakes to learn from them and to become a growing success in our endeavors. George Eliot said, “It is never too late to be who you might have been.” You may have a dream that did not work out the first time you tried it, but it is never too late to try again and see it become a reality.


I would tell myself to bucle down and do all that she can do now so that she can have a life of honest happiness and so she can live life the way it should be lived. I would reassure the younger me that she CAN do anything that she puts my mind too and although it is going to be hard its nothing that she cant handle or achieve. I would sit her down look her straight in her eyes and tell her she is worth more than not doing all she can to be the best her she can be. I would make sure she knows her dreams are worth giving a shot and no matter who say what she should follow her heart. Most of all ide tell her shes not alone and if she needs help then reach out because the world is full of people that want to see her succeed !


Take highschool seriously and do not be afraid of challenges and risks. Take advantage of all the extra curricullar activities available to you.


Dear Elisabeth, It has been a while. I know you are stressed because you are trying to figure out where you want to school. You feel like time is running out, and that you have to get everything done now. As your future self, I am here to encourage you to enjoy every moment of your life. You are smart enough to know what to do and what not to do. Although you know your limits, I encourage you to expand your limits for the sake of your dreams. You are afraid of heights, but take a plane somewhere. You feel like you need to do homework every day, but take a day doing something you really enjoy. People are telling you that you only have one life, and you should make the most of every opportunity. Trust me: you have plenty of time! Although it is important to work as hard as you can, make sure you make time to have fun. In addition, remember that everything happens for a reason. Never complain that something did not go your way. Your life will be a happy ending. If you are not happy, it is not the end. Blessings, Elisabeth


I would say take a lot of time to really think about what it is you aspire to do. Really sit down and weigh out all of your options. Also wherever you end up going remember your G.P.A is very important is especially if you plan on furthering your education, and if you are involved in any sports. Procrastination is not an option. Do not ever forget the main reason you are there, and stay focused on that. Do your best not to get distracted by too many other things outside of academics. Also don't be ashamed to ask for all the help that you can from fellow classmates as well as professors who have been there once before too.


If I could back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would make a plan for my senior year. First I would take the time and thought to figure out what might I like to major in college. I would do this over the summer before my senior year starts so that I could take high school courses in that area. Those courses would benefit me in college and put myself one step ahead. Second, as soon as the semester would starts I would consult to my high school's counselor for information about colleges and scholarships. I would then establish a close relationship with her so that I could get the extra help. Third, I would strived to become a straight A student and achieve Honor Roll. Fourth, during my first quarter I would've narrowed my college choices to the top ten and apply for each. Of course I would at first present my college choices to my college counselor and plan out the next steps with her. By winter break I would begin applying for scholarships and apply to as much as 20 or more. Overall I would have taken the year more seriously.


I would tell myself to get the best grades and scores that you can possibly get so that you can have more opportunities.


This is a great question! I would definitely inform myself to always stay on top of my school work. I would stress the fact that laziness is definitely not a habit worth adopting. I would encourage myself to be the man I am, or rather the man that God would have me to be. In other words, be myself in Christ Jesus. Don't be fearful of others opinions. I would tell myself to be sincere in every relationship I develop in college and beyond. I would tell myself the same phrase my mother has been telling me since second grade, which is "do your best and your best will do for you!"