Nyack College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Nyack College?


The most frustrating thing about the school I attend now is not having some sort of Cafe/food place open 24/7. The hours are terrible, food is food but i would like not to scedule my day around when I have to make lunch.


The most frustrating aspect of Nyack College would be the lack of common room areas; places for students to socialize at night. Because there arent many options for socializing outside of classroom, students can sometimes feel disconnected.


I sometimes do not like all of the work given. But I believe that is apart of college. I wish that the food was better in the cafeteria.


At the moment iI can think of one beccuse is a small class , however if I of one this would be getting to the college library and finding the books for the courses.since I work full time and I am a father ,time has an effect on how i make my decisions.Nevertheless ,I believe that the school is great because is accompdating for my schedule.


The cafeteria isn't as great as it could be, although it's getting better. Also, because it is so small some of the programs aren't as developed as they could be.