Oakland Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


As a future transfer student to Central Michigan, I'm sad to leave Oakland Community in the summer. At Oakland Community the professors care about you'r grades, they take time out of their day to cater to you, it is nice to know that OCC offers free tutoring in nearly every subject. The class sizes are small, which is great because it means more one on one time with the instructor, which I believe is an important factor to succeed. Most importantly the campus is safe. All faculty members follow a strict safety procedure to ensure comfort.


When discussing my college experience at Oakland Community College, with my fellow peers, I put great emphasis on how my professors are always available for me. At the start of each semester I am given access to their office hours, encouraged to stop by if I ever have a question or problem that was not addressed during our scheduled class time. The professors at Oakland Community College truly want to see their students succeed not only in the classroom but also in life at large.


It is a great enviornment and very friendly.


The thing that I brag most about Oakland Community College is mostly all the classes only meet once a week. That makes it easier for students who work and go to school. They also have a great access office, which helps students who have learning disabilities, and other special needs.