Oakland Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Not all professors are held accountable for their teaching methods in the classroom.


I don't have a worse thing to report about my school. They provided everything I needed for what I was pursuing at the time.


My campus does not have a facility specifically for the visual arts. All it has is a small computer lab will a few programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. There are colored printers, but we have to pay extra to use them and the quality of the prints is next to horrible. This is a problem because it makes it harder and more expensive for people, like me, to complete projects in our art classes.


It does not have many places to study. The library is not a very large area, which often filled with people.


The worst thing about OCC is the lack of campus life. Although there is more student interaction here than at other Community Colleges, most people seem to only be there to go to class and leave.


I consider the lack of supportive and competent staffing to be the worst thing about Oakland Community College. I feel this way because I, along with other students, have encountered stressful experiences where there was never enough, or worse, incompetent help provided during registration, book purchase, book buyback, computer printing assistance, and counseling. I have personally witnessed such inadequacy at both the Southfield and Royal Oak campus.


The parking situation. At the OCC Orchard Ridge campus where I attend, the parking lots are at the bottom of the hill that all the buildings sit on. In the winter time the cold and any snow can make it an awful walk.


The distance between campus would probably be my least favorite thing. Each campus has their good qualities and specific classes.