Oakland Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Despite the beautiful campus and the serveral convient locations, the parking is the most frusterating thing about Oakland Community. As a morning student, I often find myself struggling to find a parking spot. I understand many of my fellow classmates have the same issue. To change this problem, Oakland Community should consider building a parking garage in the near future.


There isn't really anything frustrating about OCC. All of the professors that I have had have been amazing and the class sizes are small so you can get individual attention. The professors care about whether or not you understand what they're teaching.


The most frustrating thing about Oakland Community College is that it is hard to meet people and make new friends. Their are some clubs related to your degree that you can attend but they are not very well attained. There are no sororities or fraternities at the school, which are easy ways to meet new people. Most people that go to Oakland Community College are there to go to class and that's it.


The most frustrating thing would be that aren't any campuses closer to where I live. I have to drive 50 miles round trip up to two times a week to go to class. It makes for a long day after working 9 hours.


The long walk from lot10!