Oakton Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I do not brag about my school.


I love how Oakton Community College is financially reliable. Most students barley pay anything, but the students that do pay never have any complaints.


I absolutely love attending Oakton. It gives me the chance to attend college and stay close to home at an affordable price. The professors there are great and do a very good job on making me understand the subject.


I feel that as a person I am well rounded, but very opinionated. When I talk to my friends at school I mostly brag about all the great people that I know and that I have meet in my life. The connections you make and the people who are in your daily life and how they make a great impact on your future career.


That the teachers are usually very helpful, the classes are moderately sized and the price isn't unreasonable.


The thing I like to brag about most is that Oakton is only one buliding, so I don't have to walk outside to get from class to class. All of my friends go to large universities and all they complain about is how they have to walk in the freezing cold to get to their class.