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Oakwood University

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I absolutely LOVE my school, Oakland University. I really like the size of the university. It is not small and not super big. It is just the right size. There is a lot of school pride. The Golden Grizzlies, the men's basketball team have made it to the NCAA tournament and they are The Summit League champions. We have a student cheer section called "The Grizz Gang". They are the most spirited student section I have seen. Oakland is still growing, even in a recession. We have a medical school that just opened in 2011. We also have a new Human Health building with new facilities. The most frequent complaint is about parking, but really there is not a parking problem, it is a walking problem. There are enough parking spots for all of the students. Also, if you get to class half an hour early you shouldn't have a problem. My favorite part of Oakland is the atmosphere. It is just so welcoming and friendly. It makes me feel like I'm at home.

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