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Why did you decide to go to this school?

Honestly, the reason why I decided to go to this school is very vague. I visited, with my sister who is n alumni, my sophomore year of high school. I immediately fell in love with their biology program. I loved how elaborate and extensive it was. I also LOVED the fact that the school was highly based off my religion-- Seventh Day Adventist Christian. That was the main reasons at first. I immediately applied and I actually got accepted and it felt like the happiest moment in my life. When I got there, I fell even more in love with the school. I made awesome friends, experienced awesome (and not so awesome) academics, joined social clubs, and mostly I was finally independent. I loved Oakwood back then and I love it now. Oakwood University is an AWESOME school... you just have to find your reason why you love it so much and why you are willing to have a 4 year experience there.

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