Oberlin College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Oberlin College?


If you are someone who cannot live a slow paced lifestyle, Oberlin may not be for you. If you are someone who enjoys the city and fast paced life, it may prove to be difficult to assimilate into Oberlin College. Although you shouldn’t attend Oberlin if you are someone who may prefer an urban lifestyle as apposed to a rural one, a large number of students who attend this college are from big cities and are united because of this difficulty to assimilate, which may make your experience easier.


Oberlin isn't a good place for people who need to shop or need to be in a place where there are a lot of things to do. The town is 30 minutes from Cleveland by car, and because there's no public transit in the town, it's very hard to get anywhere outside the campus and the very small nearby downtown area.


Anyone who isn't open to new experiences or ideas shouldn't come to this school. It is an institution that encourages individuality and self-discovery, so anyone who has no interest in either should steer clear.


Someone who is uncomfortable with individuals very different from themselves, who are certain they want in a career in business, or who wants access to a booming social life, or to a city like New York or Chicago.


Conservatives, blue-collar folk, lower class people, closed-minded folk, people who grew up without a silver spoon in their mouths.


People who are not interested in learning and/or stepping outside of their comfort zones.


Someone who is looking to party and not worry about work.


A conservative, business-oriented individual who is interested in Greek life. Outdoor enthusiasts would also most likely be bummed.


Conservative, career-oriented, close-minded, sports fans


Conservatives get railed upon.