Ocean County College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Ocean County College is best known for providing individuals with the tools to support their career goals and educational needs. As a commuter school, Ocean County College allows students to plan their future in a cost effective manner.


The college that I am currently attending is best known for something called the STARZ program. This is a program that you are able to get involved in as a highschool student if you are in the top 20 percent of your graduating class. Being able to participate in the STARZ program is great because it pays for your first two years of college before you decide to transfer to a new school.


My school doesn't really have a known specialty, there are however a lot of nurses who go to my school since it is joined up with Kean University.


It is an affordable, local college that is convenient and conducive to learning. It also has a very good nursing program.