Ocean County College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Research more about financial aid while still in high school.


If I could go back in time and talked to my high school senior self I would fist most likely freak out on myself. When I finally got over the going back in time I would get myself a lone but were we can watch people at school. I would tell the younger me to get my head out of the books and to look around life is not some made up adventure it is what you make of it. Reading all the time will leave you wanting what you can or might never have. Reading will not help you make those connections you wished for or help you to become a normal person it will make you just more secluded. Besides when you get to college it may be too late to change what people see you as. When going to you first open house sign up for more clubs then just dance for you will not be able to do the work. Try a theater club it may help you learn to be more out there and make new friends. Over all though keep trying and doing your best.


College is not all that bad. You are gonna meet some new people and it is going to be fun. There is no need worrying about anything else. Look up more scholarships and try to find all the scholarships possible because the more you have the less you have to pay later. Like I said before just relax it is esaier than you think.


I would tell myself to study harder, but not to stress about the small things, like what others would think of me. Not to take things as seriously, besides school and enjoying the opportunities that were offered to me. Not everyone in the world is allowed an education. I would tell myself not to waste it. Appreciate the friends you're able to keep, but keep only those who you're able to trust. Overall, be kind, because high school is hard for everyone, even if some are better at hiding it than others. Don't worry about status or popularity, because once High School is over, everyone moves on and none of that really matters. What does matter, are the memories you made, the grades you've earned, and the growth you've obtained from childhood. You're still young and you're not expected to have it all figured out by graduation. Life is too short to spend most of it stressing out. Know your limits, push them further, but never too far. Continue to grow, prosper, live, and learn.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the transaction from high school to college would have been much easier for me than it was. I have learned as a college student that time management and planning go a long way. If you do not use your time wisely, than you will most likely not get assignments done in time before they are due. A lot of times you will find yourself studying and working on things last minute if you do not keep track of due dates and tests. Being organized will help greatly and get you through the semester while being stress free. There are times you are going to feel stressed and behind, but you will just need to work harder and get back on point. Getting assignments in on time, and studying when you need to will create a good routine for yourself. This to me is the hardest part of college to get used to and I hope I can take my own advice and use it to my own advantage.


I would give myself the advice that it will all get easier. That I should not worry and should focus on my last days of high school.


If I was giving the opportunity to go back in time to talk to myself knowing what I know now things would be different. The way things would be different is by paying more attention to things like clubs, activities and opportunities my school had to offer. The advise I would have given myself is to advance my studies by taking college courses to get ahead. By taking college course being in high school as a senior helps me to understand how the work has to be done. I would tell myself that it's "never too early" to start anything. When writing and taking notes down become a better note taker and outline better to make it more understandable.


If I were to go back in time and see myself as a senior today, I would give myself logical and smart advice for getting ready for college. I would tell myself that you need to understand that its a lot of responsibility and you make your own decisions in college. The professors at colleges aren't like teachers in highschool. You need to do your homework and remember when papers are due unlike in highschool where teachers will tell you every time they see you. College is a big step from highschool and students usually are confused at first when walking into college. It just takes time to get use to it.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior is to study hard and take college seriously. Know that if you say I will go back and its not a big deal to take a break it usually ends up you don't go back. If you do go back it is very hard because now you have life to contend with. You have responsibliites now, that you never would have out of high school. My main point to myself is school is important and helps to make life easier!


Being in my first year of college, there are already some things I wish I could have told myself as a highs chool senior. Some advice that I would give to myself is that your friends throughout highschool only last for so long. There are certain phases and experiences during those years that every high school student goes through and that is perfectly normal. Never let something like that drag yourself down. The most important thing should be your education because that is the only thing that is going to bring you to success, not your friends that make you look good socially. Get involved in as much as you can before college because that is what they are looking for. Join clubs, become a participant in sports and voluntary work, get a job because colleges are not looking to accept lazy people!


If I can go back in time and talk to myself about college I would say that picking the right major is crucial. I would also tell her not to make any spontaneous decisions when it comes to picking a college. Because she will be paying out of pocket each time she attends a school. But, to have fun while she is there because your college years really are your best and she will meet people who will become her longest friendships.


It's 1984 and I am a high school senior. I 've just been accepted to engineering school. "Martha," I proceed, "you are going to face a very difficult choice after you start college. Mommy is going to get sick, and you will have to choose whether to remain in college, or work to help support your aging parents. Whatever you do, Martha, do not leave until you have completed your education. Your education will open doors to you. Furthermore, the college will support and understand your situation. In the end, you will be in a better position to take care of them. There is nothing shameful about leaving and going back to college after 25 years, but imagine the difference the degree could make in your life. Your income and employment will depend on your education. Remain in college, for this will be the best way to take care of yourself and those that you love."


I would definitely have a lot to say to myself. In high school I was basically a slacker. I didn't care much for work and I wasn't thinking of my future. Over the summer after I graduated. I suddenly got a major interest in Physics and Mathematics. So much so that I learned all of PreCalculus and half of Calculus I over the summer by myself. I worked hours a day. When I got into college I said to myself, "Time to turn everything around." I am now a Physics Major with a variety of high level Math and Science classes under my belt and a 4.0 GPA. So what would I tell my self? Work. Plain and simple. I would tell myself to stop being lazy and devote my mind and time to my school work because in the end that is what matters. That is what distinguishes the successful from the mass population. Everyday I regret being so lacidazical in high school. I hope to one day earn a PHD in Physics and be able to tell people that anyone can rise up and become successful.


If I could have gone back to highschool and give myself advice I would tell myself to take Chemistry as I should have to qualify to going to a Four Year School out of Highschool. I would stress how important it is to seak help from anyone you could think of for the best advice to head in the direction that best fits you. I would also have told myself to push harder for success and try my best at becoming one of the top 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} students who were granted the scholarship for the Stars Program. College life is not one big Party. I would suggest to myself as well as others to attend ocean county college to save money and still get a great education. I would give advice on how you should experience as much as you can in highschool to ease your mind and to figure out what you may want to do. Had I known who and what I would want to be I would have majored in that right out of school. Knowing what I know now is only the beginning to what I will continue to learn. College is what you make of it.


Do what is best for you.


If I could go back to when I was a high school senior and tell myself what I have learned about college life I would tell myself to really think about your upcoming decisions and explore every possibility. The reason I chose this is because Ocean County College was not my first choice for college. As a senior the only school I wanted to go to was Rutgers University. When I attended in the fall, although it was an amazing school I discovered it was not at all for me. That is when I decided to transfer back to Ocean County College. That has probably been the best decision I have made so far in college. However, if I could go back to when I was in high school I would really emphasize the fact that maybe Rutgers is not the school for me and I need to reconsider my choice. Although, I can say that I have learned from my mistake and I do not regret attending Rutgers at all because it pointed me in the right direction.


To be even more diligent and agressive with academics, and activities, especially when pertaining to my potential major. accept and take as many AP courses as possible , and score as high as possible on the SAT as you can, not leaving out the possibility of a prep course or two. Be dedicated, in all that you do, be on time, learn to take notes real well, and read as much as possible. Comprehension and communication is crucial to success. Do not hesitate tuo utilize the two year school option to explore your major options, for they will change.


If I could have just five minutes with my former high school senior self, I would inform them that they better had get to a PA meeting and fast. What is PA you ask? PA affectionately stands for procrastinators anonymous and is the only program without any graduates. That was until my first semester at Ocean County College. I would tell myself that unlike high school, there was nearly no one, unless you had a professor that cared enough, to push you to get your assignments done on time. You will have to manage your time now, which means you will have to put the controller down more so than often. Another thing that I would tell myself is no matter how impossible it will seem to get through all that homework or back to back essays, that you not only have done it all but have made yourself surprised about how well you got it done. College, even community college, is not at all like high school, as it will give you more freedom but also more ways to impress yourself.


There are several factors I would have thought about when in high school. First, I definitely would have taken some college courses at the same time to challenge myself. I would have researched a lot about different colleges since high school is not such a busy time of your life. The main thing I wish I would have done different is taking those college courses. I was not a busy high school student at all and I regret not enrolling in a college at the same time.