Ocean County College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Ocean County College is a great school to start off. The most frustrating thing about the school I would say is the parking lot because its way to small for a large amount of students. From going to school early to going to school late will give you the same result. Their would be times that you will have to drive around for twenty minutes hoping a student comes out of their parking spot in resulting to being to class late.


The most frustrating thing is the classes are only an hour and 15 minutes two days a week. I would prefer to go for three hours one day a week.


Ocean County College is a great,very convenient, two year school. the most frustrating thing about it is the parking lot layout. If you need to leave books etc in your car because of a busy day, and were unable to get a good close spot, the time needed to walk to your car , then back to class is far. hence possibly being tardy for class. Also the Kean at Ocean program only offers select majors.


Imagine it is 7:45 in the morning. Your class starts in 15 minutes and there is a problem arising in the midst of you. A battle has broken out with the winner being that much closer to get to class and the loser made to circle around once more. This battle is over parking; the most frustrating thing about my school. Since it is a community college where people have no choice but to commute, this is a major problem that is slowing up a rather fast paced and efficent campus.