Ocean County College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Wish there was a better under standing of what each degree needed. How many math and science courses I would need to take. Also, how the teachers would act and treat their students. There is abig diffence from tacher to teacher unlike in high school were they are similar in styles. Would have also, liked to have known they were working on the road right outside of campus to help plan how long it would take to get to school.


I wish I knew more about the scholarships that the school had to offer.


I wish I had known how busy the parking lot was before classes and to get their earlier. Also how much freedom and responsibilty came with college.


One thing that I wish I had known about this school before I enrolled is that a lot the credits for certain classes you take are hard to transfer into other schools.


Prior to attending Ocean County College, I wish I had known the precise requirments, which have changed many times. I currently am finishing my Fall Semester in my second year. This upcoming Spring I will receive my Associates Degree. I wish I had known exactly what I wanted to do with my life in order to complete all requirements and know my major.