Oglethorpe University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates are smart, friendly, and diverse.


My classmates are excited about life and its opportunities, ready to learn as well as teach, determined to work hard in whatever they do, passionate about helping those who have needs in our community, and they yearn to do something meaningful for their school before they leave.


Eclectic is probably the best way to describe the student body. No one is out of place at OU - everyone finds their niche. Oglethorpe has a great financial aid program, so you will find people from all over the socio-economic spectrum. From spoiled rich kids to those smart kids from the projects, they have it all. There's also the international students who are always cool to talk to and learn about other cultures from. The "groups," while they exist, tend to blend together. Only 800 students live on campus, so there's always someone who knows someone from whatever clique. It can be difficult to branch out socially though. After the first two years you know who you would date and who you wouldn't. Reputation can be important at OU because of it's small size. You know who the jocks, intellectuals, stoners, and geeks are, but everyone gets along well. This can be a blessing or a curse. Bad for drama, good for campus solidarity. This can also be a negative for commuters, who are easily overlooked.


The desires of my classmates are perhaps as varied as any group of people out there; it would be foolhardy to attempt to capture such a thing in one sentence.


Driven, determined and endearing...adult learners usually have unique stories to tell about "education gaps".


My classmates are bored, funny, energetic, a variety of things.


Most are intelligent, involved and a little quirky


Very abitious.


half are very driven, half are, in my opinion, lazy.