Oglethorpe University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I talk a lot about the small size of the university. I found the small classes and one-on-one attention from professors to be extremely helpful. In addition to class work, the small size of the student body allows individuals to really get to know each other. Seniors are not so far removed from freshmen, and activites such as Greek Life, clubs, and organizations are open to everyone.


I don't brag. There is no need to. I would only describe the school as it is and then let one make their own decision. What I tell them is that things seem to be working out for me so far, and that is enough.


The people are really awesome.


Oglethorpe is a small school in the middle of Atlanta so you have the small classes and great sense of community along with all of the advantages and opportunities of the city. The people are fantastic. Everyone is friendly and open to everyone else. The professors are always available to help, both in and outside of class.


That the accounting department has 100% job placement for the last decade.


The people are the best part of this school. It is a close-knit and open community and it is very easy to make friends and find other people with common interests.


When I talk to my friends, I love telling them about how my professors know me by name and not a number. My professors are concerned about me. I also talk about how amazingly beautiful my campus is.


Small classes and friendly people.


I often tell my friends about how small Oglethorpe is and yet it is so diverse that you will never stop learning about other cultures.


I love that Oglethorpe is a small community in the middle of a big city. Also, the small classes and extensive individual attention is wonderful.