Oglethorpe University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is in love with learning, wants small classes and a small campus, and wants to a be a big fish in a little pond. Someone who is laid back and wants a campus that is the same. Someone who truly believes in the power of a liberal arts education.


Someone who lokes the perfect mix of city and suburbs.


The students at Oglethorpe are diverse and exceedingly passionate about the things they love. Here there really is a desire to do something different -- to make a difference, as part of the school motto goes. The person who will love this school is the person who will thrive in a community where we all teach each other something every day -- and even when we disagree, we accept our differences as part of the beauty of mankind. The ideal Oglethorpe student is excited about life and learning, and about passing on their own skills to the community in which we reside.


If you are a person who likes a small campus over a large one, Oglethorpe is for you. At Oglethorpe students are not just another number. Each new student is welcomed and introduced around the campus. The staff even helps you unload your car on move in day, so your parents can enjoy meeting other parents. The campus is awesome and full of activities planned just for us. The dorms are very close to the library and the education buildings. You don't even need a car to get around on campus. The campus is small, secure, and safe.


There?s literally something here for everyone. It's hard to pin down one thing.


Someone who likes small classrooms, and someone that is really ready to work. Our professors play no games, but at the end of the day you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge. Also if you're someone that likes to give back to the community Oglethorpe is for you. Students thrive off our community service. We may be small, but our students are a force academically and socially.


That person should love a small campus where everyone knows everyone. The classes are small and engaging, so you should be able to participate in class. There should be a love of learning and he/she should be able to deal with a very diverse ethinic, religious, and cultural student body.


A student who is focused and driven and is ready to think outside of the box when it comes to college.


Someone who values a personalized education, and is willing to become active on campus.


Anyone who likes a small intimate campus and a focus on a core curriculum and a well rounded general education.


Students who wish to engage and be challenged should attend Oglethorpe University. Prospective students should anticipate a very diverse student body. Respect for others and openess to new ideas is imperative.


A person who likes gossip, doesn't mind people having lots of sex around them or likes having lots of sex, enjoys a mental challenge but doesn't want to be holed up studying all or even half the time, doesn't have tastebuds, doesn't mind repeating high school basically (as far as maturity is concerned especially), or the type of person who has such a strong drive that their surroundings will not negatively affect their studies or career goals in any way whatsoever.