Oglethorpe University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


One of the most unique things about this school can also be one of the most frustrating, which is its "get to know you" way of life. Some days you are not in the best of moods and tend to want to avoid all other human beings as much as possible. That is very difficult to do here when everyone seemingly knows everyone, and there's usually a mandatory campus activity planned on that very day you intended to sulk. By the way, there are lots of those "mandatory activities".


The availability for activities for commuters.


The most frustrating aspect of continuing membership at this college is the meal plan. Although not among my top priorities deserving of my attention, nutrition is an important part of my schedule and daily life in general. I want to make sure that I am receiving my money's worth when I provide purchase food from my institution, but I do not feel that I am recieving compesnsation for the expsensive meals. The dining service is lacking in variety and sometimes cannot prepare the food items properly or in a satisfying manner.


The most frustrating part of this school is that, depending on your major [mine being Biology], in order to succeed you will have, essentially no social life. As one professor put it, there are 3 aspects that concern an OU student: social life, academic success, and sleep [not necessarily in that order]; It is almost impossible to have all three, so one of them will be sacrificed for the other two. This is what frustrates me most because I usually end up having to sacrifice sleep- and much of it.


The fact that as a commuter it is hard to attend events.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they are always asking for money, saying that a student owes more, and it seems like every year, they take away a little more of the financial aid that they give you.


it seems like everything is due the same day or week


Class difficulty.


the business and financial aid offices.


The fact that they lie to you during pre-college campus visits and even orientation once you've been accepted. They serve food completely different from that that you will eat in the cafeteria. They say most students are interested in studying and discussing academic concepts outside the classroom but most students are interested in drinking. They say there are many good curricular activities but the ones that do exist, besides sports, are not well organized. And the staff do NOT try to help as much they tell you that they will. All lies. Straight lies. They know, too.