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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself would be to start focusing on your school work. Start a study habit that can work in college and help you to succeed. Prepare yourself for some hard work and maybe long days. I would remind myself it's not gonna be easy but you will graduate with a degree and get a good job/career.


I would certainly let myself know that corporate policies around our nation stress the belief in education for everyone. However, teenagers resist incorporating the importance of education. As a result, many teens are lacking the basic academic, social, and political requirements to progress in today’s society. And since they will neglect these academic necessities many teens will choose to participate in illegal matters for monetary survival, and they will battle against the intellectual standards required to live a successful lifestyle. There are several factors as to why teenagers fail to achieve. Some reasons can be observed from either individual ineffectuality, or the ignorance of the person itself. Moreover, these attributes have evolved into a continuous cycle of educational failure. It has also caused a decrease of work equity. Teenagers are lacking the conscious effort to perform duties that are required in order to be successful. They have lost their passion and desire to overcome obstacles that lead to success, but most importantly teenagers have created a sense of internal defeat. Consequently, they commit immoral acts to falsely compensate the victories they’ve lost.


Choosing a college is very important. I would tell myself to tour different schools to get a feel of different school environments. Talk to different administration and students who attend the school and get their opinion of the school. The atmosphere and feel of the campus can really tell you a lot about how the school functions and who the people are. The faculty and staff at the school I am currently attending are so friendly and you can tell they care about every single student at the school but how they present themselves and carry a conversation. Once you get a feel for different schools you can choose which school is best for you.


Kelsey, life is not going to be easy, but you definitely can make it easier on yourself. Even though your grades haven't been the best throughout high school, you have this last year to show what you are truely made of. Use your new commitment to God, and ask him to give you the strength to perform to your highest ability in academics. If you do this, many things will be easier; things such as finding scholarships, and even just getting accepted to colleges. Trust in God, try following His will, live for Christ, and everything will work out. All you need is faith, and the rest will take care of itself.


If I knew what college was going to be like when I was a high school senior, I think I would have started sooner. I know I would tell myself that God has an outstanding and awesome plan for me and college is where I can achieve and please Him. Also I would tell myself that college isn't an easy transition to take because it is a lot more classes and a lot more work. But then I would also tell myself how rewarding it is to meet new people from other places. Meeting other people and listening to them about their faith and what has happened to them reassures me that I am not in college alone, no matter where I attend, if it be out of state or the community college right around the corner. I beleive I would let myself know that I am having a great time furthering my education for the Lord.


I believe that the best advice I could give to myself, hind sight better than foresight, would be ; to not dilly-dally through this program or that program. As a Senior have a firm idea what you want to do with your college education and stick to it no matter how hard things get because, you may never get the chance again and time is to short to be wasted. Talk to college level couselors about degree decisions ,but, whatever you do don't try to go your road alone.