Ohio Dominican University Top Questions

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Small classes.


It is a great community.


The environment, the close relationship between teachers and students and the size.


My school is a Catholic school so it makes it easy to celebrate your religion. I also love how I hear people and they sound happy that to me is a good case of what to expect. I also love the fact that we are so diverse and we express it. To me that means a lot because we are getting to know other people for who they are.


The unique thing about the school is the diversity. There are so many different people and you get to learn a lot boaut different culters.


The atmosphere with the students is very unique. People are from all different walks of life but seem to converge here on campus. ODU is very open-minded type campus feel and everyone is welcome.


Being a Catholic school, you would not know it. The emphasis is not on religion, but becoming a productive citizen to the public.


The way proffesors care about their students and take intrest in their work. It is more of a one on one relationship with them rather then just being another students in their class.


The location is fantastic, as I like the big city small school feel. Also I think the school really gives you an opportunity to grow if you want to improve yourself


The things that made me choose Ohio Dominican University were the small student to facutly ratio, its location - close to the city but not right downtown, a lot of the students were athletes like me, the professors and other students really care about one another, and everyone seems to want you to be able to succeed.


A closer knit community within the school, but located in such a place where anything you could ever need was at your disposal, i.e. malls, groceries stores, airport, bars, clubs, other college campuses, big business that provide job opportunities...


The people are much friendlier at Ohio Dominican than at Capital, OSU, Otterbein or UD. The campus is beautiful but only 15 minutes from the city and Ohio State.