Ohio Dominican University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That Ohio Dominican is a small, well respected school in Ohio. Yes it costs a lot to go here but I get what I pay for, a quality education. In the end that is really what matters to me. To go to a school that cares to see me succeed and does not just see me as a number in a pile at the end of the day.


When bragging about my school, the main thing I mention is how it's small and the faculty/staff show interest. In bigger schools I wouldn't be able to get the undivided attention that I need to better myself in each subject. They show personal interest in your life and concern for you as a person. Ohio Dominican makes me feel like I've chosen the right school just by having the people that show love and concern in my life.


I brag about the dorm rooms, the fantastic trail and the occasionally wonderfuo food


My multitude of field placements. Professionals in my field are enthralled with my practical experience!


How small my school is really makes it possible for everyone to know eachother which is very comforting when walking around campus and you can say hi to just about everyone because you know them.


How I am getting a good education and will have the option to stay at ODU to achieve my masters in their 4 + 1 Program. Also, I brag about our sports and seeing as I play tennis, I brag about us as well.


I don't brag about my school, I tell my friends that Ohio Dominican used to be a very good school but has gone downhill considerably in the last ten or fifteen years.