Ohio Dominican University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Ohio Dominican is the tuition expenses. It is nearly impossible to make ends meet. Each year the tuition raises leaving students in despair. If tuition wasn't so expensive, I believe the transfer rate would decrease and we would have more students around campus. In addition to tuition costs, the bookstore also has a lot of books for sale, but it is extremely overpriced.


The worst thing would have to be the food service. Hamilton Hall is the dining hall for students with a meal plan. The food there often makes us sick to our stomach. We have written comment cards, and addressed the issue with meetings, but so far we have been unsuccessful. It is very difficult for us to understand why they feel the need to serve food that is not appetizing, and often uncommon. Our student center is under the same company, but is presented to have a better quality. We know they can give us better, but they do not.


The worst thing about the school is that it does not always stay true to the Dominican Tradition of the Catholic University that it claims to be. The University permits professors to (especially those who represent the Catholic Church because they are in a Religious Order) make false statements regarding the Catholic Church and present them as Truth.


The tuition is entirely too high, and the books cost a lot. If I do not get any scholarships for my sophmore year, I will not be able to attend this school which is where I want to earn my degree.


The worse thing about this school is the library and everything closes at 11, it is very inconvenient for college students who need to study.


If I had to choose one thing that I would consider the worst about my school, it would be the cost to attend/live on campus. It is very expensive to go to ODU and expensive to live on campus when there are not 24/7 food options, and the rooms are not in very good condition, plus the fact that we do not have very much freedom to do what we want with our rooms.


The worst thing about my school is that since it is a smaller university some classes only have one option for a professor. This means if you do not do well in that course you cannot take it over with a different professor. Some classes are also only offered at one time, which can make it difficult for students that need to take two different classes, but they are offered at the same time.


It costs too much and takes 5 years to get a bachelors degree in education if you don't course overload every semester.


I am completely satisfied with my school. I have nothing negative to say.


The size, it is a little too small for me in that most people leave campus on the weekends and it is pretty much dead.


Meal options-nothing decent available after midnight, ever.


The social aspect of this school is not the best. There are many places on campus that provide activities and fun things for student to do on campus but students do not really participate. In other words, this schools lacks school pride which ODU is working very hard in fixing.


The worst thing about my school is some of the closed minded people who have been shelterd all their lives and come to college with a culture shock and also a sterotypical view of how others that are not of their race are. There is also an unspoken racial issue that is hidden amongst some students that is very evident at times.